Netgear RP614 Router

  Micklemass 09:49 13 Mar 2004

On NTL Broadband an just connected a 4 way router linked to 2 computers. Everything works ok but find no internet connection available on start-up if both computers have been switched off.

Get round this by unplugging router and until computer up and running then all is fine.

Is this the only way?

  SEASHANTY 10:33 13 Mar 2004

On NTL Broadband you will have previously registered the Mac address (this is the 12 character physical address) with NTL. This address is the only one recognised by your cable modem and is the only one which will connect to the NTL server. Have you cloned in the MAC address into your router so that the cable modem still thinks it is talking to the originally registered PC? This is what I have done using my Linksys Befsr41 router/switch on NTL 600k
standalone BB. Had no trouble doing it this way and its been okay for 15 months. Either PC will connect to NTL without the other having to be switched on.
Have a look at robin walkers website for info if you haven't already done so
click here

  SEASHANTY 10:41 13 Mar 2004

Also see this thread on the netgear 614click here

  Micklemass 12:44 13 Mar 2004

Both PC's work if either is switched off. It's just switching them on in a morning after they have both been off all night. Then I have to leave router powered off until the PC'c are on and then switch router on. I know this is the proceedure when setting up the initial installation but wondered if you had to do that any time both computers had been off.

Everything OK though doing it this way

  SEASHANTY 15:36 13 Mar 2004

I switch everything off when not in use. A firm believer in energy conservation. Abhor waste of any kind. With switching off when not in use I have to allow the modem time to establish the link with NTL. Therefore I switch on the modem power and the router approx five mins or so before switching on a PC. If I switch all on together then I do not get the NTL homepage - just get the message "Unable to find server". This appears to be the opposite to your switching on arrangement, but doing it this way allows the PC to recognise both router and modem. NTL told me some time ago that if the cable connection is lost then try a reboot of PC to allow
it to re-establish the connection.

  Micklemass 15:41 13 Mar 2004

Like you power used is money to me and I have a son who thinks I'm mad!

Will try your way as the router and modem are now on a separate switch.

Cheers and thanks

  silliw 00:02 14 Mar 2004

Had a similar problem with the netgear WGR wireless router on Blueyonder. Found the issue to be the sequence I used when installing and the Netgear browser test telling me that there was a fault when there was'nt one.

Make sure that you follow the install sequence correctly, set most settings to auto and the MAc address to be cloned then you should not have a problem.

However, if you switch off your equipment overnight you may find that your ISP will issue you with a new IP address each day which will confuse your router.

  Micklemass 10:12 14 Mar 2004

If no connection now I switch the router off and on and all ok.


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