Netgear Router help, wireless connection dropping!

  Gaz 25 21:33 08 May 2005

Hi Guys,

I need very quick help, as this is a client of mine who is having major problems with the router. The old one was a D-link 604T, and the netgear is DG834G

Basically, this is the 4th router they have had, the rest were Dlink 604t's - the new one they are using is Netgear DG834G.

The problem is, the wireless works fine for around an hour or so, then everything drops on both the Mac with airport and PC with a wireless netgear adapter, PCI.

I have tried everything, WEP keys, rebooting, resetting the router and the same problem. The access point is enabled, and MAC filtering is set correctly - as I said it works fine then drops. Even unplugging the router does not work, when it boots back up, the connection is still not avaliable. Even with default settings. The Dlinks did the same, everything is set up correctly though and I have a cisco certification. All my diagnostics, including firmware upgrade fail to get wireless working again. It seems the routers access point dies, but surely, the 4th router with same problem??? There must be a reason.

The problem is, it actually doesn't reconnect... indicating a fault with the AP. Even resetting/booting/factory default doesn't work. It's just really painful, as I said... 4th router - same problems.

My home set-up works flawlessly, and thats on Draytek only set-up - so it seems like compatibility, but would that be able to somehow disable/blow a AP?

I'm at my witts end.

Gaz 25

  Gaz 25 22:06 08 May 2005

Apparently, using a network sniffer in the area from my laptop has revealed, a Belkin router on channel 11, and another netgear router in the same area on channel 8, the same as what my client is using.

However, trying another channel - seems to leave the network wireless as disabled, it doesn't reconnect even though I reconfigure the clients.

What worries me, is it works for some time and drops and never reconnects.

  Dipso 22:20 08 May 2005

I was having some minor problems with my DG834G. My wireless LAN would drop every few hours but it did re-establish itself straightaway.

I found by updating the firmware to Beta Version 2.10.17 which can be found on Netgears support pages click here my WLAN has never dropped since.

Only problem, Netgear don't provided support if you update to BETA, although they do advise this firmware upgrade if you come across problems.

  Gaz 25 22:24 08 May 2005

Mine wont establish itself straightaway, it drops and stays dropped. However, this could be to do with channel 8.

I'll try that tomorrow.

Thanks for the suggestion. :-D

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