Netgear router help

  Bike-it 21:01 20 Jan 2009

I currently have my Netgear router connected to my desktop pc via an Ethernet cable, but in a few days time I am getting rid of the desktop pc and replacing it with a laptop,
I will be using the laptop wireless so do I need to install the Netgear software on the laptop so I can configure the information within the router settings in the future if need be.
Am I right in thinking its the router that stores all the router settings and not the computer?

  Switcher 21:07 20 Jan 2009

THe router contains the settings. If all is well with the setup PRE laptop, you should be able to connect the laptop initally via an ethernet cable. Then configure both the laptop and router for wireless operation.

  sinbads 21:09 20 Jan 2009

es if my pc is not working my laptop will connect if the router is switched on.

Be aware that any changes you make to the router should be carried out with ethernet cable connected to the laptop,and then removed to connect wirelessly.


  MAJ 21:10 20 Jan 2009

You only need the router attached to a PC so that you can configure it's settings. If the settings have been configured as yours have been, then you can take away the PC. If in future you need to reconfigure the router's settings, you can attach it to the laptop. You are correct in that the settings are stored in the router not the PC.

  Bike-it 21:10 20 Jan 2009

Switcher can you explain a bit more please, not much computer knowledge.

  MAJ 21:18 20 Jan 2009

If wireless isn't already configured, then yes you can connect the laptop to the router with an ethernet cable at a later date to configure wireless. But why wait until then, do it now while the desktop is connected.

  Bike-it 21:24 20 Jan 2009

wireless is already working on the router as my mate can get onto the net on his laptop whenever he is at my house.

  Switcher 21:25 20 Jan 2009

If you wish to use the laptop with an ethernet cable only simply connect the laptop to router with an ethernet cable. It should operate via the router without need of any further adjustment.

If you wish to use wireless to connect the laptop to the router you will first of all connect as above then configure the router to operate by wireless then run the wireless network wizard on the laptop. You have to be connected to the router by some means firstly to access the router to configure the wireless settings.

  MAJ 21:29 20 Jan 2009

Then you're okay, Bike-it, the router is already configured, you can take the desktop away at any time and your laptop should connect wirelessly to the router. Don't forget your WPA-PSK (wireless security) password though, else you'll have to connect the laptop to the router in order to retrieve it.

  MAJ 21:30 20 Jan 2009

we cross-posted.

  Switcher 21:45 20 Jan 2009

OK MAJ, Do't know which is slowest my thinking or my typing.

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