Netgear router dropping out: DOS attacks

  andrew6451 11:43 18 Jan 2015

My Netgear N300 router is dropping out (very roughly once per hour for a few minutes) When I checked router log it shows DOS attacks (usually port 443) at these times. After Googling this most seem to say this is normal internet traffic and can be ignored. However in my case it is dropping connection. I have scanned computer with Kaspersky, Spybot, Malwarebytes & Defender. Nothing found by any of them. Also router firmware is up to date. I'm way out my depth on this and would appreciate any comments and advice, it's driving me crazy! Cheers Andrew

P.S. ehh.... was unable to find search facility for forums!

  Jollyjohn 11:56 18 Jan 2015

When router drops out do any of the lights on the front change colour? Possibly going to orange on dsl or broadband.

Does your landline still work when drop out happens?

If you have a spare filter, change the filter and just double check wiring.

This will eliminate it being a wiring / line issue.

Google "what's my ip" and make a note of your ip address. Switch router off overnight, or longer if possible, when you reconnect check ip address again and hopefully you will have got a different one.

If dropouts still occurring try a hard reset of the router - usually via a small hole, using toothpick or similar.

If still dropping out - suggest fault on router - contact netgear.

  andrew6451 12:37 18 Jan 2015

Thanks for response. I have tried alternate cables and filters throughout, but no improvement. The router lights (green when connected) go out when connection drops out. Generally come on again shortly after although connection light red until re-establishes connection. I always switch off router overnight and when not in use so off more often than on. I am with Tesco broadband, I understand they use static addresses. I tried both reboot and reset, but no improvement. Would be quite happy to replace router if I was sure that was the cause. Thanks again Andrew

  Jollyjohn 12:42 18 Jan 2015

I would ask Tesco for a new router, you may have to pay postage, and if the problem persists I would suspect a line fault. I appreciate the router Tesco will supply is not great but it is the cheapest option to get a different router, unless you can borrow one.

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