NETgear router default user id & password?

  JR27 16:08 14 Dec 2005


I can't get into my routers settings via IE.
(am trying to change the channel on my router)
I've been told that the userid & password is always "admin" & "password" OR "1234"
I have tried everything I can think of....
It's a

It's a NETgear 108 Mbps Super Wireless ADSL Router with 4-port 10/100 Mbps switch DG834GT.

Can anyone help please?


  sharkfin 16:42 14 Dec 2005

I have the exact same one bought 2 weeks ago. The default Id and Password is 'admin' and 'password'

Did you ever change it anytime? If not, you could try the reset button at the back. Push a toothpick or pin and hold down the button for 12 seconds to rest it.

  JR27 16:55 14 Dec 2005

Reset the router?

What will this mean....will I have to re config. everything, becuase I didn't set it up/install it.

  Taff™ 17:12 14 Dec 2005

Yes you will have to set it all up from scratch, just as you did originally. Pressing the "reset" sets it back to factory default settings - exactly the same as when you opened the box!

  JR27 17:16 14 Dec 2005

right, well I can't do that then as I didn't set it up.
Thanks anyway!

  sharkfin 18:38 14 Dec 2005

If you wont reset the router, then you are going to have to find the correct username and password. If you didnt set it up, then posibly the person who did may have and you could ask them if they changed it.

  JayDay 21:07 14 Dec 2005

Reset it. The router is so easy to set-up I doesn't matter if you didn't do it originally.

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