netgear router / d-link adsl2 + modem

  sbigster 13:10 06 Oct 2007

hi im in abit of a muddle regarding adsl2 modem and netgear router. i have a desk top pc connected to a d-link modem via an ethernet cable i wish to ad a wireless router to be able use use my laptop but still keeping the desk top on ethernet.the modem is a d-link 320t and the router is a rangemax wpnt 834.with the help of my 15 year old son we have managed to get some sort of connection but something is not quite right as the network drops on and off quite frequently so it is hard to connect to web sites and network gaming this applies to the desk top as is a list of the ethernet local area connection configs from the desk top ipconfig

pysical address 00-14-85-c6-7a-00
dhcp enabled yes
auto config yes
ip address
subnet mask
default gateway
dchp server
dns servers

with these figures in mind can anyone help or foward me the figures i will need to configure the wireless router and adsl modem
. many thanks

  mgmcc 20:10 06 Oct 2007

The router's WAN port should be connected to the Ethernet Modem and it (the router) should get the IP address allocated by the ISP. The router, in turn, allocates IP addresses to the computers connected to it using the 192.168.1.x range.

At the moment, your PC is getting the IP address of which it shouldn't have, that's the router's WAN IP address. Have you definitely connected the router's WAN port and not one of its LAN ports to the Modem?

  sbigster 11:47 07 Oct 2007

ok it's now issuing out the ip's like you said, yet it is not holding the internet connection on both the desktop (connected by ethernet) and the laptop. yet..the green light on the netgear stays green. is this a problem with the dns servers? i'm using the ones tiscali reccommend. they are the same if i tick the box saying "retrieve automatically" urghhh, this netgear is proving a trouble :(

  martjc 12:05 07 Oct 2007

Switch off the whole system.
Switch on the modem and watch till you have all green lights on.
Now switch on the router.
Watch again till all lights are on. [mains,internet,wireless and port light(s)].
Now try a connection from your desktop.
If all ok, try the laptop.
If all ok, your done!
If no joy, bite the bullet and ring Virgin at 25p per minute and tell them to send a line runner hit.
You'll have to disconnect and re-connect again, but it should resolve your problem!

Best of luck!

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