Netgear Router correct MTU Settings

  EddieA 20:27 23 Aug 2007

My ISP has upgraded my line speed from 1 to 2 megs.
My Netgear router model DG834Gv3 shows in its menu screen that I am achieving the correct speed 2272 downstream.
Checking my connectivity software and running tests on a number of download speed test sites shows figures averaging 800499 kbps 1 meg.
Various posts suggest in the routers advanced settings Wan set up changing the MTU from 1450 to 1400.
Once or twice taking this step I have noticed an increase in download speed to 2 meg then the figure readjusts to the lower speed.
Can anyone suggests further steps I can take to resolve this problem?

Thanks Ed

  brundle 20:35 23 Aug 2007

Read this; click here

  Dipso 23:42 23 Aug 2007

IMHO you get the best results when tweaking the MTU on your PC rather than the router. The routers MTU can be left at 1500 or as brundles link advises as long as it's higher than that of the PC.

The easiest way to tweak your optimal settings is to download TCP Optimizer from click here Set the slider to your connection speed and click on Optimal settings.

Tweaks can be done manually but see what results you get with TCP Opt first.

  Stuartli 23:43 23 Aug 2007

Try 1480.

  woodchip 23:50 23 Aug 2007

A DSL router should not be set more than 1498 MTU it can slow or stop the router. This whay I use and it works for setting Router Windows Settings click here

  Dipso 01:13 24 Aug 2007

"A DSL router should not be set more than 1498 MTU it can slow or stop the router."

Do you have any evidence to back this up?

My ISP recommends a MTU of 1500, using other than this can limit the speeds. My router is set at 1500 as are my PC's, no slowdown here.

"CyberTweak is a Tweaking app for Windows. It changes the default values provided by windows to optimum levels for fast internet access." This application changes the Windows settings but not the MTU value for your router which can only be done via the routers interface.

  Dipso 01:19 24 Aug 2007

The best (not easiest) way to find your optimum MTU is to follow click here

When you have worked out the best value download DrTCP from click here and follow click here=

  kdt 07:47 24 Aug 2007

my aol netgear router was 1458 default but after checking with netgear support was asked to vary upto 1400 which is set now.

  Spark6 09:10 24 Aug 2007


  woodchip 19:31 24 Aug 2007

Yes I also set My Router through Setup page for MTU. But it does work faster after using CyberTweak. CyberTweak tells you about MTU a ADSL settings Read it with care

  EddieA 19:39 24 Aug 2007

Great to see a healthy response I will digest everything you have said.
I have also altered my RWin settings and noticed an improvement when streaming media from the internet on my PC.

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