Netgear router connection problems.

  al7478 23:02 21 Jun 2008

Unrelated to my other router thread (more contributuins gratefully recieved), a friend has been trying to set up a netgear router with little success.

I went round and tried to do it "manually" and with the cd, and both stalled at a certain point. When doing it manually, i got his homepage up, but when i searched for the ip address it didnt find it - it told me i was offline etc...

Now, in "connect to" in the start menu, his 2 Nvidia graphics cards appeared. I wonder if this could have anything to do with it? We tried disabling thwm, but this seems to have disabled his main tiscali connection too - it went grey, the way things do sometimes when theyre inactive.

  daxian 08:53 22 Jun 2008

hi al7478....

"his main tiscali connection too - it went grey,"
this is worrying me .....
you do realise you can only have one broadband connection on at a time ???
if you have tiscali connection and are trying to use the router to connect as well wont work .
disconnect the tiscali one and use the router .Dave

  al7478 13:42 22 Jun 2008

thanks...but the router has to connect to tiscali, doesnt it?

  daxian 13:51 22 Jun 2008

hi again al7478....

it will of course ....but is the router just a router .
if so then you are correct to leave the tiscali modem in place ...
if the router is also a modem then the tiscali connection will be made through the router/modem Dave.

  al7478 13:59 22 Jun 2008

The Tiscali modem was'nt in place, we removed it to plug the router in...

  daxian 21:31 22 Jun 2008

hi again ...
did you setup the tiscali username and password in the router interface...????

  al7478 23:29 22 Jun 2008

We didnt get that far. accordinng to some instructions i found on the net (possibly wrong of course), those details should be entered once on the router setup page, after typing the ip into the main search bar in IE...?

It didnt let us get that far manually. I dont know whats sposed to happen with the setup cd, but that didnt let us get that far either (if indeed we were supposed to).

  daxian 09:43 23 Jun 2008

hi again ...
routers dont need drivers ,so the cd would be like a set-up guide.
plug the router into the pc .use the ethernet cable supplied to start with ,open your browser(I.E or firefox etc)in the address bar type
that should open the setup interface for the router(you will be asked for username and password,default is admin and admin unless its a sky router which would be admin and sky).
once in the interface you then enter the tiscali
login details (username and password)save the details
reboot the router .
all the lights should start flashing showing that a connection is being established to tiscali
once the lights stop flashing you should be connected and able to get web pages .
that is the setup procedure and should work if not then get back to us for trouble shooting...Dave

  al7478 15:59 23 Jun 2008

I'll pass it on. Thanks for the walk through. Its the same apart from a couple of things to what we;ve done before, but that may be the point, so we'll give it a go.

He has a common or garden modem in the meantime, but he has a laptop, as does his sister who lives with him, so he'd liek it sorted.

Anyway, thanks again.

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