netgear router can't connect to isp

  Kate B 18:14 01 Sep 2004

OK, so I've got my Netgear DG834G hooked up happily to my computer (WinXP Pro, SP2) but I can't connect to my ISP, though I can connect via the PCI adsl modem fine.

I get an error message via the router's interface that CHAP is down. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?

  Kate B 19:07 01 Sep 2004

bump - anybody got any ideas? Netgear helpline thinks the router might be faulty but I'd like to try any other suggestions before I send it back.

  roy 19:25 01 Sep 2004

I have the same router and at first I could not get the adsl led to turn green although the modem was trying to connect to the internet. I am afraid I had to return it and now with the replacement have had no further problems.
I do not know what your error message means.

  roy 19:29 01 Sep 2004

Just done a Google search on your error message with mixed results but found the folowing definition if it is of interest.

2. Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol

The Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) is used to
periodically verify the identity of the peer using a 3-way handshake.
This is done upon initial link establishment, and MAY be repeated
anytime after the link has been established.

1. After the Link Establishment phase is complete, the
authenticator sends a "challenge" message to the peer.

2. The peer responds with a value calculated using a "one-way
hash" function.

3. The authenticator checks the response against its own
calculation of the expected hash value. If the values match,
the authentication is acknowledged; otherwise the connection
SHOULD be terminated.

4. At random intervals, the authenticator sends a new challenge to
the peer, and repeats steps 1 to 3.

  pj123 19:31 01 Sep 2004

Have a read of this thread, click here FE has given very comprehensive instructions on the the Netgear installation. See if it helps you.

  Kate B 20:27 01 Sep 2004

pj23, I read that thread too, and in fact that was what made me plump for the netgear.

roy, thanks for that google search ..

tech support in what sounds like Bombay reckons it's faulty, so back to Amazon it goes!

if anyone else has any thoughts I'd love to hear them.

  roy 22:33 01 Sep 2004

Kate B

No problem with Amazon. I bought mine from them.
Send it back recorded and they will even refund the postage in full. I rang them up first for my own satisfaction but it wasn't really necessary.


  ensonricky 23:03 01 Sep 2004

I have the same router but have not experienced the problems you state. Netgear have had a few problems with the 834G's firmware click here and if your router was outside its warranty I would suggest an update. However in your position I would play safe and get a replacement.

  HauxtonPhil 09:40 02 Sep 2004

You don't say who the isp is. If it is aol for example you may need to make some changes manually.
Try this IF YOUR isp is AOL
Encapsulation should be PPPoE Multiplexing should be set to LLC-Based and most importantly, you need to go to WAN setup and set the MTU size to 1350. It seems that most ISPs use 1490 packets, but aol does not, hence the need to drop it down. 1400 didn't work for me, hence the 1350.

  Kate B 18:18 02 Sep 2004

ensonricky, thanks for that - it's a new router, and I did upgrade the firmware pretty much straight off as I'd read other people's experiences with it. HauxtonPhil, I'm with pipex - the settings were right for them. Let's hope the new one is hunky dory, thank you all for your input.

  ensonricky 19:05 02 Sep 2004

Just to confirm I also use Pipex and an 834G purchased from Amazon and the router worked fine straight out the box.

Good luck with the replacement

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