netgear router can't connect to internet

  Superstylin 14:22 24 Aug 2005

hi, i've just bought a netgear DG834G router which won't connect to my broadband as shown by a blinking amber adsl light rather than green. the internet service is working fine as tested with my speedtouch modem.

i was supplied with a microfilter which has different connections to the speedtouch one i'm using. the netgear one has smaller phone connectors like the one shown on the right here click here (i think they're called rj-11)while my speedtouch has the wider phone ends

any help would be greatly appreciated

  Anti_Virus 14:28 24 Aug 2005

I think they're called RJ-45 Cat. I had the same toruble with Netgear. Tell me, has the router got a built in ADSL modem, or are you feeding the connection into it through a third party modem?

  Superstylin 14:33 24 Aug 2005

it's got a built in modem. model number dg834g

  Sans le Sou 15:14 24 Aug 2005

cannot see your picture, has the microfilter got 2 rj11 connectors, if so they may be labelled telephone and ADSL or similar, make sure you have the cable to the router in the ADSL connector if this is the case.

  Al94 15:15 24 Aug 2005

Have you followed the set up instructions carefully? These Netgear models are usually a dream to set up.

  Superstylin 15:21 24 Aug 2005

and apparently the splitter i've been supplied with is of european rather than uk standard. i've been trying to use other splitters but they won't work and according to netgear forums this is a reasonably common thing.

  Superstylin 11:59 25 Aug 2005

has anyone else had trouble like this or heard of it?

  Superstylin 12:42 25 Aug 2005

yep there are 2 rj 11 connectors in the splitter to connect my phone and adsl line but my phone has a uk bt standard connector which obviously doesn't fit the splitter so i definitely haven't got them mixed up!

  Sans le Sou 21:11 25 Aug 2005

Have you tried in the other aperture as usually one is for telephone and the other ADSL, your splitter is supplied for "most countries" according to the Netgear specs, you will need a RJ11 to BT cable for your phone unless you can get it to work with a BT type microfilter, have you considered the unit may be faulty.

  MikeJ101 22:23 25 Aug 2005

If I was you I would attempt to prove the Netgear router is OK - have you got any friends on ADSL where you can try it out. If the ADSL works with the modem it points to the router being faulty.

  Superstylin 23:08 25 Aug 2005

sans le sou...the splitter is labelled adsl and phone, i connected it to the one labelled adsl. i can't get it to work with any other microfilter and since i would actually need two adapter's (one from uk phone to rj45 splitter, then one from rj45 splitter to uk phone jack) i refuse to even consider going the adapter path. i don't want a microfilter, two adapters and my sky digital tv connection hanging from my phone jack!

mikej101....none of my friends have broadband so i have no option for testing on another line.

i've come to the conclusion the router is faulty and have organised a return for refund.i'll be buying myself another router at the wkend, i think i may have been scared away from netgear products too, especially the dg834g after reading all the comments on the netgear forum about dropped connections etc.

thanks guys

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