Netgear Router

  NarcosisBoy 20:01 31 Jan 2007

Hi folks I have a new netgear router and for the last week I have been using it with a ethernet cable but I have a wireless thingymabob but the only thing is my router is not sending out a wireless signal - its workign with the cable however.

How would I go about setting up the changes?


  Miké 20:14 31 Jan 2007

click here this should take you you the wireless setup page of your router. The wireless help on this page should help you set it up, get the connection running without any security first and then sort out the security afterwards.

  NarcosisBoy 20:42 31 Jan 2007

This is giving me a password promp and I can't get in! Tried my passwords etc and nothing happens - ideas?

My laptop is picking up a wireless signal but when I try to use it it is asking me for a WPA network password etc - not a clue what this is

  Al94 20:51 31 Jan 2007

What model? Standard username is "admin" and password is "password"

  NarcosisBoy 20:52 31 Jan 2007

yes mate sadly I figured that out about 3 seconds after my post and now I feel stupid :D

Anyway - WPA network?

  Ashrich 21:06 31 Jan 2007

If this is a new router , who set the WPA encryption on it ? Anyway , set a new key code for WPA by using a memorable word or phrase , save it to the router then , when you try to connect via the laptop enter the saved word or phrase and it will connect .


  Dipso 21:47 31 Jan 2007

It sounds to me like the wireless network requiring a WPA key could be belonging to a neighbour...could be wrong though.

  Al94 22:13 31 Jan 2007

Which Netgear router do you have?

  NarcosisBoy 22:16 31 Jan 2007

Ok folks - I have the netgear router piping out a wireless signal and my laptop is able to browse now - got that all sorted.

However my Brothers laptop is older and has a wireless adaptor that for some reason won't pick up the signal - its is a SafeCom USB 2.0 LAN ADapter - I am guessing this is not immediately compatable with the Netgear DG834G router but how can I make it pick up the signal?

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