Netgear range MAX , IS it ?

  pavel 18:58 06 Oct 2005

Hi I have a wireless network to access BB Internet I run a wire from one of the rj45 ports on the router modem to a belkin 802.11g access point.I deliberately dont run wep or wpa so anyone can access the net while in my House (we are a long way from the road !!) This is OK but its a victorian thick walled large house so the signal from the belkin access point on belkin adapter fitted laptops and others(except Macs ?) is low. I want to boost the signal by using the Netgear Range Max (£80 ish) But do they really make any differnce and will it work with Belkin fitted laptops?

Any one got experience of these things ?

Thank you folks

  Hamish 21:19 06 Oct 2005

No idea but type Netgear Range Max into Google where there is information which may help. This will also bump up your posting and someone else may have knowledge

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