netgear or linkys (help needed)

  paulhis777 01:58 12 Jan 2007

hello please can you help me i have a new computer
the imedia mc 2669
and use ntl broadband( cable ) i have been told that the linkys is best but when i bought my pc they only had the netgear rangemax wireless wpn824 so i bought that
now from my new pc signal is excellent 97%
but in my sons room rangemax adapter wpn111 is very poor
i also find my new pc very slow at browsing the internet ? so if i take the router back what is the best linkys router to buy
i live in a bunglow my sons room is no more than 12 meters away so why so poor a signal and whats up with my new pc i was hoping to browse the pages very fast insted it takes around 6 seconds if not longer to access my emails
which i findZZZZZZZZZZZZZ slow
and around 8 or more seconds to open a page it just seems so slow
please can someone help me to understand
also would a wired cale router be better can you buy a cable 12 to 16 meters ?
thank you paul

  mgmcc 07:42 12 Jan 2007

It is unlikely that the problem is due to using a Netgear router instead of Linksys, or that changing would necessarily make a difference.

You don't say where your PC is in relation to the router but, unless there is a particular reason for connecting "wirelessly", use an ethernet cable instead. A "wired" network will always be faster and more reliable.

As regards your son's connection, it may depend on what lies between the router and his wireless adapter. I read about someone in a new house which, for thermal insulation, had the walls lined with an aluminium foil - this rendered wireless networking impossible. Other things to check, avoid having cordless or mobile phones close to either the router or wireless adapter(s), avoid locating them close to large metal objects, in particular central heating radiators. Try changing the Channel number in the router's settings.

  paulhis777 10:37 12 Jan 2007

thank you for your reply
my router is next to my monitor on top of decktop
and there are only two walls between my pc and my sons they are 4" block walls drylined with plaster boards have drilled many walls never seen foil we do use cordless phones around house !
we have 2 cordless inferred ccctv cameras around house due to child is disabled ?
many thanks paul

  Blitzer 12:45 12 Jan 2007

I would say I would tend to agree with mgmcc that signal strength is not likely to be much different between the Netgear or Linksys router.
However, I do have NTL cable broadband and have a
Linksys WRT54GS SpeedBooster Broadband Wireless Router that seems to perform pretty well speedwise even wirelessly.

>my router is next to my monitor on top of decktop

For a kick-off I suggest you try moving the router up and away from you monitor or any other hardware. I was experiencing poor wireless connection between my Linksys router and XBox360 which is located at the opposite corner of the house (both upstairs). Basically I move the router frmo behind my left speaker and monitor and placed it on top of my bookself (head-heght standing up).

The Xbox also used to be between a big hifi speak and 32" LCD TV, again I moved this to the end of the furniture nearest the room with the router in it. Doing this increased the Xbox's signal strength from one red bar to nothing, up to 3 bars solid with the fourth one occasionally.

I also have Sony PSP that again would get about a 30-40% signal strength in the same room as the Xbox, with the router moved this has increased to 80-100%.

Hope this info is of some use. :)

  musicman19 03:33 03 Mar 2007

I have a Netgear router and the manual says that the antenna needs to be vertical if yor other PC is on the same level or horizontal if on another level. I have mine at 45 degrees and can connect all over the house including using a Nintendo Wii and a P.SP

  musicman19 03:35 03 Mar 2007

OOps! Sorry I did not get to the part of your post saying you lived in a bungalow. Silly me.

  Strawballs 09:49 03 Mar 2007

I have Linksys wrt54g at the back of the house and can use my laptop over the road in my neighbours house, I used to have trouble with signal when the router was situated next to the monitor but now I have moved it to the top of the unit and is fine.

So I would suggest try relocating before changing.

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