Netgear mp101 media server problem

  MarkusVarilus 11:44 06 Mar 2005

hi all
please help, i have a netgear mp101, used for streaming my mp3's from my pc to my Hi-Fi. It also has a facility to play internet radio, the first time i conected it up all was well. however on installing a new hard drive, i thought that i would re format. after this i reinstalled all my software registered back on the website that netgear recomends (paid £15 too) and now all i can do is stream my mp3's to my hifi i cannot get to the internet radio. having tried the netgear helpline and sort of getting the "we will have to put this to the next level of enginnering" brush off. someone please help

i have windows xp sp2, d-link di524 wireless router, ntlbroadband

ps. other computers connected to the router work fine internet ect, and so does my pc, its just the mp101

  MarkusVarilus 20:47 09 Mar 2005

please help me

  MarkusVarilus 20:54 13 May 2006

still waiting for an answer to this problem guys and girls ???

there must be some one else with this problem,

BTW i have now reinstalled xp all updates etc, and it is still the same

been a while i know but i sort of lived with it for a bit!

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