Netgear DG834PN & PostOffice Broadband: help!!

  BillySilly 18:54 23 Dec 2009

I am getting too old for this!!
Have postoffice broadband and everything works OK (other than I can only get 2 email addresses!)
when I use the provided Netgear DM111PSP router with the cable connected.
I have bought myself a used Netgear DG834PN router and a new WPN111 USB adapter.
I have installed the WPN111 using the Netgear wizard on the WPN111 CD (dated 19Jan09) with Europe as the region and get the icon on the bottom of the screen. The router has the on lamp and the radio mast, and 1 if I connect the cable. The internet lamp is not lit.
When I click find networks in the Wizard it comes up with network name 'robert' signal 97%. XR nothing, Channel 11, Signal 97%, MAC Address 00-14-6C-69-CB-08, Mode Access Point.
When I click on Robert it prompts 'WEP security has ben found on this network. You will be prompted for the WEP passphrase or hex key. Pardon?? I have no key.
When I go to Control Panel, Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2, I find Netgear Rangemax Wireless USB Adapter 2.0 WPN111 is crossed.
MAC Address 00-1E-2A-E4-CF-F9
Permanent MAC Address same
DriverStatus Loaded
DriverName WPN111.sys
Driver Version
Driver Date 09/26/2005
In Control Panel Network Connections, Wireless Connection for Netgear it says Not connected, Firewalled.
What do I have to do to connect it and get my broadband connection on this router?
What do I have to do to take the S/H DG834PN back to factory settings and load the latest firmware?
Help appreciated!!!

  User-1229748 19:07 23 Dec 2009
  BillySilly 20:44 23 Dec 2009

Thanks smackheadz
I have done the reset as explained. Not sure if it made any difference. When I clicked on find a network it came up with Netgear 00-14-61-69-CB-08. This time it had security disabled. When I click on Connect it does and the Network Connections in Control panel says Connected. Which is a success I guess.
What is this network I am connected to??!
I still dont have a connection to the internet and have to send this using my old system.
How do I get it to link to my postoffice broadband connection? The old system does it automatically.

  User-1229748 20:54 23 Dec 2009

if you have network icon bottom right of screen right click it and select repair or troubleshoot.what operating system are you using.also if you type into your address bar and hit enter you should be able to log in to your router.if so run the wizard to set up wireless connection.default for router is "admin" and "password"

  BillySilly 21:16 23 Dec 2009

I will try that. I have just done a web-search and see that using a router which was not supplied by the PostOffice means I have to enter the info in myself. The file is here:
click here
Will look at that when I have printed it.

  BillySilly 11:54 24 Dec 2009

I have installed the WPN111 USB 2.0 adapter and updated the driver successfully.
I thought I would update the firmware before trying to get the internet connection. I have downloaded the DG834PN Firmware Version 1.03.39 and the installation notes.
It says using a browser log in to the router as 'admin', under Maintenance, click Router Upgrade etc.
Seems straightforward but...
I have XP Pro. The DG834PN is connected to the computer with the yellow lead. I have tried with and without the WPN111 adapter.
Nowhere can I find the DG834PN router to log on. What don't I understand?!

  BillySilly 16:01 24 Dec 2009

I have found how to do the upgrade!
Log onto netgear using click here and he presto.
Just need to reload winzip again!
Still need to find how to get the postoffice broadband up. Need to ask them for my broadband username and password, but they are having a Xmas party until 400pm!!

  BillySilly 18:07 24 Dec 2009

Have upgraded the DG834PN router.
Will start a new thread to see how to get the postoffice broadband working!

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