Netgear DG834N Advice

  cortez© 15:19 05 Jan 2008

Hi All,

I'm seriously considoring buying the following bundle: "NetGear DG834N RangeMax Next Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router With Free RangeMax Next USB Adapter Bundle" for £90 brand new.

Now this is what I want to do:
Share an 8Mbps ADSL connection with x2 laptops wirelessly, x1 pc wired and x1 xbox 360 wired (poss wireless). I also want to add a usb printer to the network at some point.

the wireless connections will be on the same floor as the laptops (downstairs), but i may want to use the wireless adapter on my xbox 360 sometimes, which is upstairs.

Can the above DG834N cope with this and what are your opinions on it overall?

  cortez© 15:20 05 Jan 2008

Also, how long is the included cable? I assume this cable will be from the router to phone socket?

  TonyM 15:40 05 Jan 2008

I have a DG834N - very impressed with it. running off it I have a desktop (wired), 2 laptops (used throughout the house) and an Internet Radio.

The router is left on virtually 24/7 and has never dropped a connection - the wirelss strength is excellent, my son has been know to use his laptop in the garden in the summer which must be 50m from the router with no loss of signal.

Only thing to be aware of is that the router is capable of wireless speeds up to 270Mbps, but that can only be done if ALL your other equipment can also support that speed....I have mine set to run at the "normal" 54Mbps speed.

  cortez© 15:55 05 Jan 2008

Thanks for the response.

Well shouldn't i get those speeds if using the netgear usb 2 addon (RangeMax Next USB Adapter Bundle) with say a laptop?

  Colline 18:33 05 Jan 2008

I just bought a DG834N Rangemax and have been very pleased with it. Set up is very easy and well documented. I currently have run up to 5 computers and a pda on the network with no problems; normally run 3+ devices at any one time. Excellent signal throughout the house. Impressed by the security features, including the possibility to get e mail notification of significant events as they are logged.
I had to replace a Buffalo Airstation (after an accident - no complaint about the Buffalo) and the Nettgear is happy with my buffalo pci adaptor, Buffalo USB adapter, a Winbond adapter on the laptop and other receivers. In all cases the signal is very strong and has never dropped.

  Dipso 22:07 05 Jan 2008

Another vote for the Netgear. I bought mine for the wireless capabilities and it powers 3 wireless connections and an Xbox wired. The modem is very stable and there is even custom firmware around if you want to experiment.

  SURVEY 09:18 25 Feb 2008

hi All - I do not mean to hijack this thread but I am considering buying this wireless router. What experinece has anyone had of the signal range? Is this router significantly better than the other Rangemax MIMO's?

  SURVEY 09:44 25 Feb 2008

Reading reviews of this modem I note that some have found that it is necessary to keep rebooting, if one switches it off then 4 out of 5 times it will not turn back on properly. It is also stated to be pre - N - what does this mean?

  TonyM 09:53 25 Feb 2008

My experience with the DG834N ...

Range: Signal very good throughout the house (Brick built 4 bed semi), with no problems connecting ...also works perfectly to the bottom of the garden (about 50m from the router) - haven't tested any further than that.

Reboots: I have NEVER had to reboot the router in the 6 months I have had it. On the occasions I have chosen to switch it off for some reason, it has NEVER failed to restart successfully 1st time and connect to my ISP and all devices straight away.

Can't help with the Pre-N bit

  SURVEY 10:47 25 Feb 2008

TonyM - thanks for yuor posting. Any other views? And can anyone advise on the differences between this router and the MIMO and is having a so-called 'Pre-N' router any disadvantage?

  Dipso 16:28 25 Feb 2008

Providing you get the RangeMax™ NEXT compatible adapters you should get the best from this feature i.e. wireless speeds up to 270 Mbps. I only have G adapters and so am limited to 54 Mbps but this is sufficient to stream media i.e. video and audio files from my networked PC without delay and I find the range is more than adequate for the average home.

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