NETGEAR DG834GT Login to

  LordOfTheHall 13:54 25 Jul 2008

I am trying to Forward ports and I need to get into but its asks for a password and Username I have put in Username = admin and password = 123 and password but still will not let me in and I have also done Username = admin and Password = sky but nothing

I got the tips from click here

Any help will be very helpful as I am stuck!



  LastChip 13:59 25 Jul 2008

Is it a Sky branded router and is it new?

  nosharpe 14:03 25 Jul 2008

Reset the router (insert a paper clip into the small hole at the rear) and run through the set up steps.
Failing that, phone Netgear/Sky helpline

  sinbads 14:34 25 Jul 2008

thought the user name was admin and password =password might be wrong though

  LordOfTheHall 14:47 25 Jul 2008

Yes its a Sky Broadband its about 2 years old and is not second hand.

If I reset the router what papers and stuff will I need to do it. I would like to avoid that if possible as I don't think I have the papers left.

Thanks for the help


  sinbads 14:53 25 Jul 2008

Have you tried

login = admin

password = password
all lower case?

  LastChip 15:00 25 Jul 2008

The default for that should be:

User name: admin

Password: sky

Note: they *are* case sensitive and of course, if the password's been changed from the default (which it should), it could now be anything.

The User name is hard coded and cannot be changed.

  alan2k1 15:04 25 Jul 2008

if this is a router provided by sky as i understand they are all preset by sky and you maynot be allowed acess in the way you describe, however it still may be possible to acess some facilites by the installation of software on the cd that came with the router
normally as sinbads says admin and password but i think sky rounters are different

  dms_05 15:16 25 Jul 2008

The Sky Broadband Manual says:

Enter in your browsers address bar
You will be prompted to login and should enter:

Admin (for the Username)
Sky (for the Password)

Note the first letters are Uppercase, the rest lower case.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE THE SKY CD. That's my advice! It will only load free trial software.

You will get specific help at click here

  LordOfTheHall 15:50 25 Jul 2008

They all don't work but thanks for the help.

Do you think phoning Sky up and asking for assistance may help?

I have tried
Login =

Passwords =

  €dstowe 16:05 25 Jul 2008

Have you tried admin (or Admin) for both?

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