Netgear DG834GT giving error

  Giggle n' Bits 11:32 25 Aug 2006

system authentication failure using Tiscali Broadband. What do I do to correct

  FelixTCat 12:16 25 Aug 2006

Check your username and password.

  Forum Editor 12:17 25 Aug 2006

in the router's setup page.

then check that all the default settings are correct for your broadband connection.

The chances are that you've made an error n entering your network login details, and the router can't be authenticated by Tiscali.

  Giggle n' Bits 03:20 28 Aug 2006

Thanks for the above replies.
Think I better start from the near begining.
Installed the netgear on XP Home with SP2 after removal of loads of viruses & Spyware infections.

When installing the netgear disk it doesn't actually install it seems to me it opens up a html web based window which you are expected to configure the setting, I take it there is no actuall driver required as one didn't seem to install.

1. I take it before installing the netgear disk to create a connection do you unsinstall the Broadband USB modem ? This is what I did.

I eventually got through to the page to type in the settings which is the Netgear default

Thats fine, then you enter in the ip address in internet explorer address bar as the 192.168.01 then enter or go to and this should bring up a windows, this stuck for a while then came up for the router Username & Password in ther respective text boxes.

Refer to the product manual for the default username & password ? where is there manual. Tiscali claim netgear default username to be admin and password to be password. then clicked on logon and eventually after thiking about it, it did and a connection seemed to be made as the connection icon in the sys. tray came up as connected at 10mbps or something similar.

Eventually then came up the set-up wizard and from here entered the details and settings back on thje tiscali instruction. As netgear default settings had to be changed.

after completion of the set-up netgear wizard the page just went to page not found type.

So asking about what you FelixTCat & Forum Editior say restarted and again the same end reault no webpage available.

My question/s what are the correct username & Password for the Netgear model noted above or do you acauallytpe in the username & Password for the Tiscali account ?

Think its actually the netgear username & password but wasn't confident here that i was a passowrd & username error or damaged caused to insternet explorer from all the viruses I removed earlier.

I am currently getting round to clean install of the windows to shift any problems out of the way.

I also read that someone that Blue tooth can conflict with network wireless, is this true as there is a Bluetooth device on the machine.

Thanks agian FelixTCat & Forum Editor for the call.

  FelixTCat 08:02 28 Aug 2006

Shad Rack,

That information is much more helpful - thank you.

You do not need to install a router on a pc; you merely connect to it with an ethernet cable.

Unless you changed the Netgear router's address it will still be That is the number you put in your browser's address bar.
Unless you changed them, the default user nsme is still "admin" and the default password "password" (for some routers the default password is "admin" too).

If you still cannot get the router's setup page at then go to Start - Run and type cmd in the box and press enter. A cmd window will open. In that window, type "ipconfig / release" (without the "s) and press enter, then type "ipconfig /renew" (again without the "s). A block of numbers appears in the box, one of which is Default Gateway. If this number is NOT then type the Default Gateway address into your browser's address bar and press enter. You should now be at the Netgear's setup pages.

Enter the Netgear's username and password and you will then be able to put in the details you need to make your broadband connection.



  rsinbad 08:12 28 Aug 2006

When you get the routers log in box type admin as the user and password for the password, you should then be able to configure your router settings.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:02 28 Aug 2006

Family things today but will be back to let all know here of my result.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday and thank u so much for the help so far. For me its a total new new to me type of technology and I really genuinely appreciate you support with this.

Best Regards.

Shad Rack

  Giggle n' Bits 03:03 30 Aug 2006

Netgear DG834GT up and running and also the Wireless adpater I got working eventhough the Box contents came with x2 CD's for the Router and no install utility for the adapter but managed to get that downloaded.

Ok, apart from that I now need to know what I can do to make the connection on both the router and the other machine with the adapter. Is WAP something to do with it.

I have seen there is 64bit, 128bit or something encription, and have also read this can cause problems if set too high.

My mate was impressed when he saw the Netgear on the adapter mahcine working with no wires and he asked me where do you get all the settings from.

I said from the ISP website in Help under Router settings and I also managed to sus out cmd command and got ipconfig /all to get the 3 things needed like the ip address, & the 2 DNS server settings.

Would this do to get him a connection by just typing cmd in Run box and noting the details down for his adsl modem and then when he comes to do it just put the details in.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:09 30 Aug 2006

machine and also helping a friend to sort his out. But now just realised don't know what to do to set-up security on my machines router is on my master machine and the other machine located downstairs for family use is using the adapter.

What setting should I set on the machine with the router connected first then on the one with the adapter.

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