Netgear DG834GT

  Robblacky 21:20 22 Oct 2007

Hey people, i need a little help here, not entirely sure what i'm doing wrong.
Ive just been given a Netgear DG834GT, ive plugged it in properly using an Ethernet cable, its picking up an ADSL connection, but for some reason my PC doesn't recognise it, meaning there is no way for me to create an online connection. Its supposed to be plug in and play.
Typing the router IP address in a browser address bar does nothing apart from tell me that i'm not online.
Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

  Michael_R 22:21 22 Oct 2007

You may have looked here, but if not you might find something of use here click here

  daxian 22:25 22 Oct 2007

hi Robblacky....
first thing we need to know is who is your isp ?
routers dont need to make an online connection usually ....
with a router you place the username and password for logging into the isp in the router and it auto connects ....
if you cannot see the router stats page (
in your web browser then you cant put in the username and password cant login to the internet .
do you have a lan setup on your pc ?
does it show as working properly in device manager?

  Robblacky 22:45 22 Oct 2007

Hey thanks for your reply.
My isp is Pipex, when i was using Win Vista it was working fine, but i switched back to XP and now i'm having problems.
The setup wizard wont start (The, it opens up the browser and tells me i cant connect to the internet.
Its not showing up on my Device manager either, which is why i'm saying that my pc isnt recognising it.
If you need more info let me know, thanks :)

  daxian 22:52 22 Oct 2007

hi again....
open your web browser and type into the address bar,
dont bother with setup wizards for the moment...

  Robblacky 22:55 22 Oct 2007

Nothing happens, it says loading, and after about 15-20 secs its says "Problem Loading page, the server is taking too long to respond"

  daxian 23:03 22 Oct 2007

hi again ...
check in device manager for network cards ...make sure there are no prblems there.Dave

  Robblacky 23:09 22 Oct 2007

Mmm, i cant see anything about network cards, in network devices it only shows my Speedtouch Modem that i'm having to use at the moment.

  daxian 23:15 22 Oct 2007

hi..... there is the problem then your lan is not setup ,goto device manager and scan for hardware see if that fetches it in

  Robblacky 23:20 22 Oct 2007

No change mate, weird cause it worked perfectly with Vista.
Any idea how i can get this working again?

  skidzy 23:22 22 Oct 2007

You have the same problem i had several moons may need to remove the speedtouch software and unplug the modem,run ccleaner and reboot.

Start over by opening IE and type into your browser and follow the setup wizard.

Your speedtouch is causing a conflict !

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