Netgear DG834G wireless connection problem

  Drax. 07:17 24 Apr 2007


When I connect my netgear to my laptop using an ethernet wire I get good broadband speeds 5 meg),
But when I go on a wireless connection my speeds are slow (1.5 meg). Netgear told me to change channels (11,6,9) still no better. Netgear seem to think its my laptops Internal modem (intel pro). Can any one help ?

  STREETWORK 19:31 27 Apr 2007

This is a fair speed for this type of connection. you could check your netgear is not restricting others using all the bandwidth, or move the netgear to a better location for a good signal.

Lots of things can effect the signal like walls, distance, electromagnetic fields, etc...

  setecio 21:43 27 Apr 2007

Indeed, when you buy a wireless router, even the minimum standard g is advertised at 54 meg. OK so expect the usual marketing and advertised speed to be not achievable. However, you would expect to easily achieve 5meg as this is a tenth of the max advertised capable speed.

I have the same issue with a Netgear rangemax, 4meg by ethernet but only 2 by wireless (when excellent signal is achieved).

It doesn't make sense to me and it would be nice to fix it or understand why it happens, when the speed of my broadband is less than a tenth of 54mbps !!

  BurrWalnut 08:17 28 Apr 2007

The 54Mbps is the maximum router speed which has nothing to do with the broadband speed dictated by your ISP.

  setecio 10:44 28 Apr 2007

Indeed Burr, it is the maximum wireless speed advertised for that router .... the point being why can't it even manage 5 which is a tenth of 54, and it drax's case only manages 2, which is about one 27th of its max !! ??

  setecio 09:32 30 Apr 2007

I have just solved my problem.

If you are running windows vista then try this :
Go into thenetwork connections - right click on the wireless connection - properties - and untick IP6

It worked fo me and restored my laptop wifi connection to full strength.

If this works for anyone else please reply that it did.

  setecio 09:34 30 Apr 2007

I should have said it restored my laptop connection speed to full speed, the same as I would get via ethernet, (whether the signal is strong or weak doesn't change the sped now) :)

  Danoh 00:23 04 May 2007

Thanks for posting your solution, setecio.
It will come in useful soon, as a friend also has a vista machine he would like me to get connected to a new wireless network he wants me to set up for him!

  setecio 08:18 04 May 2007

Hi Danoh, try it with ip6 ticked and unticked and see if it as the same affect as it did for me - I'd be interested to find out if this is true for others or just me.

  setecio 08:20 04 May 2007

Drax - was it the IP6 untick that solved it for you ?

  Danoh 09:47 05 May 2007

Thanks seticio - wil report back on Vista pc's IP6 setting after d day which is Monday.

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