Netgear DG834G setup problem

  steved 00:58 20 Aug 2005

I've got two winXP PCs with ethernet connections to a new DG834G which has a broadband connection. The PCs can see each other, and the 'network connections' screen shows 'local area connection' and 'internet gateway' as being connected and working. All lights on router are green. I'm not using wireless (yet).

But... I can't run the setup wizard or log in manually to the DG834G - I get a request to connect to the internet (via my old dial-up session), a pause while it tries to connect to click here, then a timeout message saying that the server is unreachable. I can successfully ping click here (as well as external sites) but I can't get to the setup wizard to enter the admin/password combination. I have a McAfee firewall but disabling it makes no difference.

Sorry if this has been answered before but I am new to the 'delights' of ADSL routers and indeed networks in general! Basically - help!!

  Forum Editor 09:03 20 Aug 2005

The url you typed in your post produces the Netgear setup login prompt for me - are you saying that you aren't being prompted when you type it into your browser?

If that's the case, it's the first time I've come across the problem, and I must have set up dozens of these routers.

Disconnect the other computer, remove your old dial up connection settings, and try again.

  steved 11:26 20 Aug 2005

That's right - dosn't matter if I run the setup from the cd or type it in manually, I don't get prompted for the setup. Have removed other PC and deleted old dialup settings, still dosn't prompt me but instead goes straight to 'page cannot be displayed' without thinking about it first...

  easyrider 13:53 20 Aug 2005

I think you have to go back to the start reset the router to factory defaults.Then start from the beginning I had similar problems a few years back trying to set up a netgear dg832m,and it turned out that I missed one little simple step when reading the instuctions.

  FUl2tiV3 14:33 20 Aug 2005

who is your isp? if it's aol, you have to input the url in internet explorer, or similar. doesn't work in the proprietry browser.

what firewall are you using?

  FUl2tiV3 14:45 20 Aug 2005

doh, just seen mcafee, sorry! i found, like easyrider, the order of setup to be important. the firewall needs to be off/trusted first etc. once i implemented things in order, the setup ran easily.

  Forum Editor 15:06 20 Aug 2005

you should have four green lights....

1. Power on


3. Wireless OK

4. LAN number (corresponding to the port into which you have plugged the Ethernet cable that came with the router.

You should have the cable plugged into the LAN card on your computer as well, and of course the router must be connected to the phone line via an ADSL microfilter.

You should have launched Internet Explorer, and typed the setup IP address into the address bar, exactly as you typed it in your original post.

Does all that check out?

  steved 22:58 20 Aug 2005

Hi Guys, thanks for your help.

All four lights on router are green out as per above (port number light flickers but rest are constant), ethernet cable plugged into LAN card on PC and router connected to phone line via ADSL microfilter. Firewall disabled and PC rebooted. Launch IE, type in click here - and nothing.

Under 'Network Connections' I have 'Local Area Connection - connected' and 'Internet Gateway: Internet Connection - connected'. I also have '1394 connection - disabled'

I can ping click here and external sites successfully and transfer files between PCs so presumedly connections/cables are all okay. I also tried temporarily installing the Sagem modem that came with my Tiscali broadband account and connecting to broadband directly via USB, which worked fine, so the broadband connection itself is okay - I just need to access it via the router so that I can share it!


  steved 23:12 20 Aug 2005

Other things that I have checked as suggested on the Netgear forum:

Local Area Connection status shows 'Assigned by DHCP', IP address, subnet mask and address for Default Gateway = Internet Options/Connections set to ‘Never dial a connection’.

One thing that I have just noticed - on the instructions, when setting up connection it shows 'Connect Using NETGEAR FA311 Fast Ethernet Adaptor' - whereas on my PC it shows 'Connect Using VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adaptor'...


  retep888 12:34 21 Aug 2005

I have the DG834GT model which is practically the same but also supports 108mbps.

It looks like the switch ports of your router work but the modem isn't.

Can you try resetting the router and unplug it for a few minutes and plug it back on.

If it still fails after all these, I would suggest you to return the router because it should be a matter of plug and play normally.


  steved 22:49 21 Aug 2005

Sorted!! Tools-Internet Options-Connections-LAN settings... somehow both PCs were set up to use proxy servers (one of them is a new Dell using 'factory settings', so it's a bit of a mystery). Cleared that and everything's fine!

Thanks for your advice anyway guys - any general tips for optimising a DG834G (security etc) now it's up and running?

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