5starred 22:07 27 Feb 2006

Hi wonder if anyone can help me out on this. I offered a friend some assistance as he wanted to make his laptop available around the house. It has WIFI in so he went and bought the Netgear DG834G from Currys and asked me to set it up for him as I had told him that mine which is a BT Voyager 2100 was no problem at all. Can anyone guide me through this as I am lost. First problem is there is a modem what do you do with this? I tried removing it and connecting the router as suggested but to no avail. Can anyone help me out on this as I am lost

  keewaa 10:21 28 Feb 2006

You won't need the old modem, but it won't work until you get it set up properly. Better if you have a read of the install process and ask if you don't understand anything. Right click and save to desktop for first 2 :

click here

click here

click here

  5starred 14:41 28 Feb 2006

Does he need to have AOL Gold as I am sure I read that they were just saying that but you didn't have to? I will see my friend later as I am not sure what he has but thanks for the help keewaa you help is much appreciated.

  Saffa999 17:23 28 Feb 2006

Hi there

I also have a DG834G Netgear router and have set it up on aol. I found a file in the 'home networking' section in aol keywords where i downloaded a file to setup my router. So all you got to do is plug the router in as described in the netgear manual and run the aol setup program and it sets everything up for you.It even sorts out your wep security for you.

hope this helps. sorry i dont have a link for you but im away from home and unable to acess aol keywords.


  Saffa999 17:39 28 Feb 2006

Have a look atthis threadaswell

click here

  keewaa 19:42 28 Feb 2006

It can be done on AOL Silver but your restricted to the master screenname, although IE will work on the other computers. Yes there is an AOL SP" fix which might be needed (keyword: xp sp2)

  5starred 22:35 28 Feb 2006

Thanks for all the help I will try and get him going.

So I would plug in the two line combo, plug the phone into one and the aol modem into the other am I right? Then plug in the router and connect an RJ45 (black I think) cable from the router into the laptop correct? I would then go into aol settings as described above and hopefully it will pick up the fact that there is a router. Once this done I can unplug the modem and RJ45 and plug a dsl cable from the router into the two line combo. Can anyone tell me this would be the correct thing to do just don't want to go over and make a meal of it.

Sorry for asking soooo many questions but I hope I can get him set up.

Thanks a million folks..

  5starred 16:15 01 Mar 2006

Keewa just going back to an earlier point if there are 2 users of the laptop what your saying is that only the one who set the laptop up can use the router? By the way my friend has informed me he has AOL silver so can it still be done.

  keewaa 16:37 01 Mar 2006

I have never installed AOL home networking, but I think with AOL silver, only one computer can use the AOL software and screenname to log on to the internet BUT all the other computers can use Internet Explorer and everything else, just not AOL software. ... I think ... but hopefully someone who has experience of AOL will confirm.

  5starred 22:17 06 Mar 2006

Saffa999 do you have the link that you mentioned as I am still struggling to get this one sorted. Thanks for your help.

  sicknote 02:24 07 Mar 2006

To get connected with AOL through a router, make sure you complete each phase before going on:

Phase 1: Install AOL software on a computer that is directly connected to the Internet (without a router). Make sure you can log in to your AOL account. This link has AOL's installation instructions. If you cannot connect to AOL without a router, you MUST contact AOL for support.

Phase 2: Create a second AOL account, using the instructions below: "To Create AOL Accounts".

Phase 3: Physically connect a NETGEAR router into your network. Configure the router so it can access AOL using the instructions below: "To Configure the Router."

Phase 4: Turn off the modem, router, and computer. Reboot the modem, router and computer, in that order. Test your direct Internet connection using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The AOL software is not used in this phase — you want to be able to connect to the Internet without using AOL.

Now you have established the NETGEAR router is working correctly.

Phase 5: Configure the AOL client software for each computer that will access AOL through the router. The AOL client must be set to "Broadband connection" or "Broadband networking". (These use the TCP/IP protocol.) If there's a problem with AOL during this phase, you MUST contact AOL for support. This AOL page describes AOL problems with TCP/IP.

To Create AOL Accounts

Your AOL connections must be TCP/IP. If you have set them to something else, set them back to TCP/IP.

Remove your router from the network, and log on to AOL using a computer directly connected to the modem.
Log on to your AOL master account.
To access the AOL "Create a Screen Name", do a keyword search on names, and select Create Screen Name. The "Create a Screen" window appears.
Click Create Screen Name. The "Create a Screen" window appears, asking whether the screen name is for a child.
Click either button to continue — it doesn't matter which — and click Continue. The "Choose a Screen Name" window appears.
Chose a name for this account, and click Continue. You may want to name one of the accounts you create something like myaolrouteraccount. The "Choose a password" screen appears. Use only characters from a-z and from 0-9.
Enter a password twice, and click Continue. The "Select a Parental Controls setting" window appears.
Make any selection on this screen, and click Continue. The "Master Screen Name status?" window appears.
Select either option, and click Continue. The "Your New Screen Name" window appears.
Select Accept Controls. The "AOL Screen Names" window appears. It will include all the accounts you have added to this point.
Repeat Steps 4 through 9 for each router or computer that will connect to AOL.Reconnect the router to the modem and your network.

To Configure the Router

(Other suggestions are available by typing one step as an AOL keyword.)

Start a browser, and type in the address box.
Click Setup > Basic Settings.
Under "Does Your Internet Connection Require a Login?" select Yes. A new item "Internet Service Provider" appears on the page.
Select Other in the pull down. If it appears, you may select PPPoE instead, if you use it. DO NOT SELECT AOL!
For "Login", enter an AOL account username followed by E.g., [email protected]. The login name and password must both be lowercase!
For "Password", enter the AOL password for this account.

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