Netgear DG834G.

  Daiol 16:40 04 Jul 2006

Hi.I placed a question last week about windows xp pro [copy].I had such good responce from all those concerned I just want to say thankyou.So i'm having another bash,I have installed a Netgear DG834G wireless system about 10 days ago,Working fine only one little hitch thoe now and again i seem to loose the connection to the internet,Cant get into Google,AVG,Nothing really until I reboot my pc and everything is fine then maybe for a couple of days.Any ideas on this problem or is it just the Netgear.[ The problem is on the main pc not the laptop that is working from the pendrive] Many thanks,daiol.

  howard63 16:51 04 Jul 2006

it could be a setting some of these give you an option of always on or timed.

  Daiol 17:03 04 Jul 2006

howard 63,Thanks for the info,but how do i get into the system to check this idea out?.daiol

  howard63 17:24 04 Jul 2006

either your netgear came with a cd/manual or visit their site and look for faqs

  Skills 17:26 04 Jul 2006

Check the routers logs as well login to the routers setup page which should be unless you've changed it.

  fitshase 18:23 04 Jul 2006

I had the same problem - upgrade the firmware to the latest version which is on the Netgear website.

Cured the problem for me and improved the wireless performance as well.



  Daiol 20:41 04 Jul 2006

fitshase,Hope i got u'r name correct.Thanks for the info i had a go of the upgrade was a bit of a tricky fiddle but cracked it in the end as this is all new stuff to me,What i did was to download the v3.01.25,Hoping that was the correct one.Cross fingers now and wait and see,will be intouch with update of the situation.Thanx daiol.

  Daiol 18:47 08 Jul 2006

Hi,i did all the updates it has improved but it still cuts out now and again any further info would be grateful.Thanks.

  rsinbad 20:40 08 Jul 2006

i have the dg834g adsl router have not updated the firmware as everything is working fine.

My firmware version is v3.02.06.00 which makes me feel you have the wrong version.

  Dipso 22:18 08 Jul 2006

Version 3.01.25 is the latest (non-beta) version of firmware for the DG834Gv2. Are you not referring to the modem firmware version you have as I believe v3.02.06.00 of the modem firmware was bundled with v2.10.22 router firmware? (confusing I know!)

  Dipso 22:23 08 Jul 2006

Is it the wireless connection that is dropping or are you wired to the PC? You say you have to reboot your PC so I wondered if it was the PC rather than the router.

Does the router stats log show the WAN has disconnected?

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