Netgear DG834 v2 "loss of sync"

  Chegs ®™ 16:42 22 Nov 2007

I have this wireless router/modem.It looses sync approx every halfhour and I have been told its likely the SNR Margins at fault.This is where life gets really complicated.

A Speedtouch 585 I had allowed me to change the SNR with DMT Tool and I could cure the regular disconnections I'm experiencing with the Netgear.

The Netgear has no such 3rd party app to employ(or at least,so far google hasnt produced 1)but searching via google has turned up hacking the Netgears firmware via linux(bit beyond my comprehension)or tweaking the firmware insitu via the debug command. http routers IP address.setup.cgi?todo=debug which has got me into the firmware files (start/run/cmd/telnet "routers IP") but all the referenced pages refer to ADSLCTL which my routers cfg files just doesnt understand. The latest page I have found says "adslctl" is in usr/sbin but this is the list of files within here

atm_monitor/ipsec/pppoe/tmAUChecker/atmarp/ iptables/rc/tmdpd/atmarpd/keepalive/reaim/ udhcpc/br2684ctl/los/restore_config.cgi/udhcpd/brctl/mini_httpd/routed/upgrade_flash.cgi/cmd_agent_ap/mybuf/scfgmgr/upnpd/conf/nbtscan/setup.cgi/utelnetd/cpu/netgear_ntp/smtpc/vpn_trigger/crond/nvram/snmpd/wizard/dnrd/pb_ap/tc/wlan_init/ez-ipupdate/ pppd/thpd/wpa_auth

Nowhere can I find the adslctl file,which is where the SNR switching needs done. :(

Anyone care to offer suggestions where the adslctl file might be?

  ambra4 20:59 24 Nov 2007

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Are you using a normal 81/2” wide page to type your posting?

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