netgear dg384g email alerts

  rsinbad 09:45 26 Mar 2006

Just looking through my router settings under email. This section dea;ls with email alerts should someone attemp to gain access.

All fairly straitforward ;but bit confused ie

1. send to this email address...........

2. outgoing email server................

3. authentication name/password

1. i use my email ad (hotmail)

2. here i,m not sure?

3. i assume this is my login for my isp email.

My isp is plusnet can someone ttell me what 2. should be?

  Ikelos 12:05 26 Mar 2006

it is tha same as you put in when you set the email

  rsinbad 12:22 26 Mar 2006


i tried that made false attemp to access wireless network, logs show unknown host but no email alert?

  Ikelos 14:51 26 Mar 2006

i have the same router, where did you find the email alert thingy.....see if i can make sense of it with mine...

  Ikelos 15:13 26 Mar 2006

ok, I have found it and put in all the details, wait now for someone to hack in :-)

  rsinbad 17:09 26 Mar 2006

yep confused with what to put ad and outgoing server.

anyway if you have wireless just try logging in with a different password which will obviously fail then use your correct login.

This will show up in your logs as unknown as if someone has attempted to access your network.

just need to put the right ad in?

  Danoh 17:36 26 Mar 2006

1. send to this email address...........
i use my email ad (hotmail)
>>Any email address you choose

2. outgoing email server................
My isp is plusnet
> ie:
>> Assuming PlusNet uses BT email servers(?)

3. authentication name/password
i assume this is my login for my isp email.
>> Yes, same as for BT(?) email account.

><><>< HOWEVER
I seem to recall that BT will not allow you to use any other email address via its email servers unless it is a BT email address.
I think Wanadoo also has the same limitation.

Try using your standard BT/PlusNet email address?

  rsinbad 18:12 26 Mar 2006

Ok i have put in my hotmail addy for the send to address.

And for the outgoing mail server.

authentication name/password is as my isp logon.

Is this correct?

This wireless stuff gets confusing the more you look into it, suppose the fog will clear one day.

  Danoh 18:56 26 Mar 2006

I would test your BT/Plusnet email address instead of Hotmail, first.
I guess BT's outgoing mail server does not have the SMTP node in its address? If so BT.MAIL.COM is fine.

  Ikelos 18:58 26 Mar 2006

if it is BT then it is ..

for both smtp and pop3

  rsinbad 19:17 26 Mar 2006

ok will try these methods an see what happens

Ikelos how did you get on has it worked for you?

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