netgear adapter card

  bert52a 14:12 14 Dec 2007

When my netgear router(834pn) wasn't working very well netgear suggested buying(more money) one of their own adapters even though my laptop has wireless receiver already on board.They sem to be suggesting that I'll get greater coverage if it's a netgear. How true is this?

  Kemistri 14:51 14 Dec 2007

Not at all true.

You should see no difference at all unless the existing adapter is faulty. You might even see a drop in performance - I have yet to see a USB dongle that can match the throughput and reliability of a 2200BG. Out of interest (partly), what is the model number of this problematic adapter?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:38 14 Dec 2007

Wireless card is better than a dongle.
All dongles are pretty standard Dongles are usefully if you have a laptop without wireless or you don't want to open a desk top to fit a wireless card.

  bert52a 16:40 14 Dec 2007

it's an Atheros wireless network adapter.

  Ashrich 22:40 15 Dec 2007

What Operating System are you using ? I'd certainly have a go at updating the drivers to the latest ones for the card . I am a big fan of Atheros chipset wireless cards , and find them normally incredibly reliable and always have an excellent range and throughput . Any chance of seeing which model of Atheros card you have ?


  bert52a 14:51 16 Dec 2007

how do I find the chipset number?
operating system xp.


  Kemistri 16:51 16 Dec 2007

Check in Device Manager.

From My Computer's context menu, follow Properties >> Hardware tab >> Device Manager. Expand the Network Adapters section.

  bert52a 18:34 16 Dec 2007

i looked where you said but it doesn't give any more
detail than that it's an Atheros.I tried belarc advisor and that was the same.

  Ashrich 18:38 16 Dec 2007

Is there any way you can see the card ? I need the number/letter combination on it ( like ...AR5212 OR 5111 , something like that ) so I can point you in the right direction of the correct latest drivers . What make and model is your laptop ?


  Kemistri 18:46 16 Dec 2007

Belarc? I wouldn't bother with that - it misses out a lot of useful info. I have always used SIW and Everest instead. But nothing is 100%. I'm surprised that the driver properties window did not state your adapter's model number.

  Ashrich 22:50 16 Dec 2007

It depends whose drivers you are using as to what is displayed in Device Manager , I quite often use HP drivers for Atheros cards , and all that shows is that it is an HP adapter , no mention of chipset or whatever . There is a site that has native Atheros drivers available for Vista and XP , but you need to know which chipset your card has , this is written on the card itself .


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