Netgear 834GT router and Outlook Express

  SURVEY 15:24 17 Dec 2007

I do hope that someone on this forum can help me. I purhcased the above router today from Amazon. Set it up and it can connect to the internet. What it cannot do is allow me to download emails via Ourlook Express or of course into Mailwasher. However, I can send emails from OE.

Netgear say they give 90 day free support but I have had to phone them twice at my cost. One operative, after spending ages on the phone, was completely useless and he agreed it would be best if someone senior contacted me! That has not happened despite me phoning them to chase this up!

What settings do I need to change and where do I change them in Netgear's configuration to allow me to receive via OE?

  MAJ 15:27 17 Dec 2007

You need to check that your incoming email (POP) settings are correct in OE. It sounds like your out-going (smtp) settings are correct. Who is your email provider?

  Crash 15:31 17 Dec 2007

It shouldn't be anything to do with your router I had a look in the setup page of my netgear router and there doesn't seem to be anything there that would harm it. Are your settings all correct in OE?

  MAJ 15:37 17 Dec 2007

In OE, go to Tools > Accounts > Mail tab, click on your email account to select it and click the Properties button > Servers tab. Enter the address of your provider's incoming (POP3) mail server, click Apply and OK to exit.

  SURVEY 16:49 17 Dec 2007

I am with freeserve/Orange. My settings POP settings have not changed in Outlook Express and are exactly the same as when I have a hardwired broadband modem earlier today!

  MAJ 16:52 17 Dec 2007

OK then, use your "hardwired broadband modem" again and see if you can receive emails.

  Crash 16:53 17 Dec 2007

What error message are you getting if any?

  FreeCell 16:54 17 Dec 2007

What are you using as a firewall/virus protection? Have you tried checking that the Netgear IP address is included in the valid addresses?

Installing the new router may have changed the IP address of your PC.

  SURVEY 17:39 17 Dec 2007

Using my hardwired broadband connection allows me to receive emails OK.

I use Zonealarm free and AVG. where do I find the Netgear IP address adn

  SURVEY 09:56 18 Dec 2007

I spent ages on the phone to Netgear yesterday and each 'service advisor technician' had to escalate this query to someone more senior. Much of this was at my expense despite their literature saying that one is entitled to 90 days free support. If you want this support free you have to contact them by the web and request an advisor to contact you and this can take 24 hours! The upshot of it all is that nobody at Netgear can configure their router to ensure that I can receive emails via Outlook Express. One technician actually managed to configure the router software so that it did not connect to the internet at all!

Also although I can use their router via an ethernet cable to work with Internet Explorer (but not OE for inward emails), when I try to use it wirelessly it fails! Thus I might just as well retain my old hardwired Speedtouch modem as that works with IE and OE perfectly!

I bought the router to enable another computer to share the Broadband connection. I consider the service from Netgear to be very poor indeed. Many of their service operatives do not understand their own equipment, they talk with a very strong and difficult to understand accent and their phone lines are of a poor quality.

Does anyone use Wanadoo/Orange as their provider with Outlook Express and a wireless router successfully? If so what make is the router and as importantly what is the technical ‘helpline’ like?

  luthier 10:49 18 Dec 2007

I have an orange account and in the past used a linksys router. I recently changed to a Netgear one which also works fine. I would disable your Zonealarm firewall temporarily and then try using OE. I've previously had problems with ZA and printer sharing, although not with OE. At least if you try this you would remove one of the possibilities. Good luck.

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