Netbook or Laptop?? HELP!

  dan_wade 15:49 13 Sep 2010


I'm looking to get a new computing device. Was thinking iPad, but then wised up. My pc is dying so need something.

I'm looking for something I can use for my iTunes, surf, e-mail, IM, gentle office work, watch films, read books etc. online gaming and thats pretty much it. Preferably cheap.....

I've been looking at getting either a laptop or netbook, but can't see which would be better for my needs.

Can anyone help or advise?


  Noldi 16:52 13 Sep 2010

If you want to watch DVD then it would be a lap top. Not many note books have DVD drives, you either download films or could put your films on a memory stick but then you need a machine for that. I looked a while ago at this because I travel a lot with work, I ended up with an iPad for entertainment or games on the flights and a laptop for working.


  dan_wade 16:59 13 Sep 2010

it's not so much DVD's i'm after, it'll be movies downloaded etc. Wasn't sure if netbooks are ok (understand smaller screen) but processor and power wise are good for watching movies.

  onthelimit 18:23 13 Sep 2010

I find the netbook small screen and resolution not much cop for videos; think a laptop would be better.

  dan_wade 21:00 13 Sep 2010

So other than the screen, does anyone have any points on the general pros and cons?

  Peter 21:23 13 Sep 2010


I have an Advent 4211 Netbook (a re-badged MSI Wind U100) which I really like and use mainly for surfing the Web. It is capable of showing video and of converting/editing and saving MP3 files, both activities being fairly CPU intensive. The N270 processor can run at 1.6GHz, but when running on battery it runs at 800MHz if in power saving mode. To force 1.6GHz it needs to be running with the power unit powering the netbook. A BIOS update allows the netbook to run at 2GHz, but only if powered off the mains. Video and Audacity both run well at 2GHZ, but not so well at 800MHZ.

So although the netbook will play video, to do it properly it needs to be mains powered. Battery life is about 100 minutes on a good day.

Some of the more recent netbooks have a much better battery life - up to 9 hours, but I suspect this will drop dramatically with processor intensive tasks.

I hope this helps, Peter.

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