Netbook Hard Drive issue

  Simsy 10:06 09 Dec 2010

Folks, I've just bought, on eBay, a small netbook. It's for my son to take with him when he goes travelling in January... (hopefully so he'll at least attempt to keep in touch!)

It's an Asus eeePC 901

It has 12Gb of SSD storage, split into 4Gb and 8Gb

I had hoped to replace the storage with another conventional, larger, (120GB), lappy drive that I have. This turns out not to be possible because of the size and type.

In actual fact I've discovered that the storage is 2 discrete "drives", a 4GB "built" in unit, (C drive), and an added 8GB flash drive, (D drive). It's not a partitioned drive.

It came/comes with WinXP home preinstalled on the C drive.

I'm tidying up the C drive, removing as much as possible, only installing what's needed, and seem to have reached a decent position, with only 2.4 GB used of the 4GB.

I have 2 questions...

Given that this is a SSD device, is there any merit in defragging it? (I suspect not.)

Given that my son will be travelling with it, it may be difficult to keep updated with AV etc, so I'm thinking of replacing XP with the Netbook version of UBUBTU. (I know he'll be OK with it, as we did briefly discuss it.) It really will be just for internet/email, Skype, temporary photo storage, and perhaps, (though unlikely!), some document writing. My question is, simply, will this 4GB partition be enough to install Netbook UBUNTU on?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 10:12 09 Dec 2010

I've just found the answer to my second question.
click here Netbook Edition
Of course I should have looked there first!

But I'd still appreciate advice on the first.




  Chris_Byers 10:37 09 Dec 2010

Is it worth defragging an SSD? In all honesty, no, and I have doubts wheter Xp would know just how SSD's stored information on there anyway. As for your suggestion about puttign Ubuntu netbook Remix on there, I say go for it. It is possibly by far the best netbook OS. just ensure that all the apps and communication tools he needs are in place before departure, otherwise in countires with limited or older internet connections it may prove problematical downloading them.

  Simsy 11:14 09 Dec 2010



  Batch 11:37 09 Dec 2010

I don't know about the SSD storage in your netbook, but modern SSD drives available actually use technology to spread the usage around the available space so that the same locations aren't in use all the time. In simple terms, this is because SSD memory deteriorates with use and spreading the usage around helps protect against premature failure. So defragging would clearly NOT be appropriate in such cases and could lead to early device failure.

  Simsy 11:47 09 Dec 2010

as I suspected!



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