Netbook Docking Station

  RGB76 13:15 06 Apr 2010

Hello nall,
I`ve been thinking of getting one of these click here has anyone bought one and are they really worth the money.
I hope my first attempt at a "click here" works.

Many thanks


  northumbria61 16:28 06 Apr 2010

I don't personally have a Netbook but this accessory has ALL the extras you need - built-in USB Hub for easy expansion, Slim ODD for burning DVD/CD, on/off Switchable Fan for perfect cooling, and easy slide in/out Portable HDD Enclosure for extra storage.

I would consider it a good addition and buy - depends on your budget really.

  woodchip 17:13 06 Apr 2010

I bought a Samsung NC10 using it to type this. I bought a CnM Lifestyle Electronics Multi DVD RW drive for a lot less than that its basically a Slimline Notebook Drive in a caddy think it cost about £39 from Computer Fair Don Vally Stadium
Middle Bottom Row
click here

This is it but no same price as got mine from PC/Fair
click here

  RGB76 18:55 06 Apr 2010

Many Thanks for the replies, I shall go with the Docking Station for compactness, and I think it will work out better than buying the drives seperately.

Kind reagards


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