Netbook charging problems -- What's wrong, how to fix it?

  GhotiFeesh 20:00 12 Aug 2011

I'll get down to it:

My netbook is an Advent Milano, and was bought in December 2009. A few months ago, around April, I began to have problems charging it (it would only charge when held in a certain position, would turn off etc). I at first believed this to be due to the charger port, as I often put unwise pressure on the charger when it is in the port and thus perhaps damaging it. However, after getting the charger checked out, I was told that the charger itself was completely fried and that was what was causing the problems. Unwilling to buy a new charger, the guys who identified the problem lent me a charger that was not for the netbook. It was the same voltage and they said it would be fine to use, even though the head of the charger (the bit that goes into the port) was smaller. Indeed, it was fine for a while, except for the odd times it fell out. Then, just a month or two after that (Juneish), the same problems arose. It refused to charge unless the charger was wiggled in weird positions, and I ended up having to push the charger so hard to the left that I'm pretty sure it must have damaged the netbook, but at least it worked. However, it has been getting increasingly difficult to position the charger correctly and to make matters worse, when I try to run the netbook on its batteries, it will suddenly turn off without warning by the time it reaches around 80% charge.

I understand there are probably multiple reasons why this is happening, and that my explanations might not be the clearest, but I am desperate for a solution. I haven't got a lot of money to splash out on a new netbook until next year, so a temporary solution would be fine. And if you could estimate the cost of a repair (I'm in the UK), I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks for your time :D

  woodchip 20:29 12 Aug 2011

my view is you have damaged the netbook power socket to printed motherboard, it needs taking in bits and solder a new socket on to the board

  woodchip 20:30 12 Aug 2011

ps you should be able to get one from Maplins or another electronics shop, like Bardwells at Sheffield 06:33 13 Aug 2011

The problem could be the battery and/or the laptop onboard power jack.

Using the other charger is not recommended even they are the same voltage.

Seems to me that the battery is getting more difficult to charge and the charger connector with the laptop power jack connector is getting poor connection so we need to hold the charge connector by angle in order to charge.

Try the following to discharge and reset your laptop first.

Please remove all removable parts like DVD, exteral USB device(if any), remove battery and unplug the AC adapter, then press the power button over 15 seconds do not let go. Then, connect the AC adapter only and power on the laptop again.

Hope this helps! Bill Tech Manager Wptinc

  Taff™ 06:51 13 Aug 2011

This is not a DIY repair unless you have specialist equipment. Using a normal soldering iron will melt the motherboard. You need to contact a local laptop repair specialist and make sure he is competent to do this for you.

It is possible that you have damaged the socket / motherboard beyond repair so you should be prepared to pay for the inspection of the laptop even if it can't be fixed. The actual socket costs less than a fiver but the time it takes to strip the entire computer down (and re-assemble it) can take a couple of hours. This is what you`ll be paying for.

Typically, depending on how easy this strip down is, you will pay between £40 - £90. Given that you must also but a suitable charger to prevent this happening agai you are facing a potential bill just over £100. Better get an estimate and then decide whether it's worth it.

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