Netbook charging probem

  ventanas 13:19 16 Nov 2009

Advent 4213 has an intermittant charging issue.
Keeps reverting to battery when connected to mains.
Is there a way of determining whether it is the cable, battery or the unit without going to too much trouble.
Grateful for any help.

  birdface 17:20 16 Nov 2009

I thought that was the idea of connecting to the mains so that it would charge the battery.
Are you saying that it sometimes does not charge when connected.

  Strawballs 22:27 16 Nov 2009

That seems to be a common problem with Laptops, I had an HP through the then government Home Computer Intitiative paid for from wages without paying tax over 3yrs with 3 yr warranty in that time 4 new motherboards were installed because the pin that the charger plug connected to kept working loose and is connected directly to the board.

  Strawballs 22:28 16 Nov 2009
  woodchip 22:30 16 Nov 2009

New Laptops work like that, They run on battery for so long then charger turns on when it it thinks it needs to

  Peter 00:08 17 Nov 2009


You could try shutting the netbook down, removing the battery and then restarting with only the power unit connected. If everything runs okay then that should prove that the power unit is okay.

On my Advent 4211 the charger symbol in the system tray indicates if the unit is on AC power and if it is charging the battery, the charge level. If the power unit is connected the battery isn't used to run the PC.


  ventanas 11:01 17 Nov 2009

Thanks for your help. Exactly, the battery icon shows when it is connected to the mains, but not every time.
I will disconnect the battery and try again.
Trouble is, yesterday it behaved itself.
It may be best to wait until it goes again.

Thanks again.

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