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  rod45 07:49 17 Nov 2010

I am looking to buy a netbook for the wife which she will only be using for surfing the net and some word documents.I have just found this Acer Aspire D260A 160GB 10.1in Netbook. for £229.00, has anyone got one of these or does anyone know anything about these.Do they have any connection problems ?. I did hear somewhere that Acer didnt have a very good reputation. Some help choosing a reliable netbook for that sort of price would be much appreciated.


  Batch 08:47 17 Nov 2010

I have a slightly earlier model (D250) which has a slightly less powerful / slightly more power hungry processor (was £189 from ebuyer back in Feb 2010). Largely the same otherwise.

Overall it works fine.

The WiFi is not quite as good as my laptop. It connects fine, just the signal strength is not as good.

One thing to watch out for is the OS. Mine is WinXP (which is what I wanted). Some are still on sale with WinXP, but unless you have a particular reasons for wanting WinXP, I'd suggest getting one with Win7.

Note that, like all netbooks, it doesn't have an onboard CD/ DVD drive.

Touchpad does not have a scroll cum centre click wheel, instead these functions can be achieved, after a fashion, via the tap functions of the touchpad. Unfortunately this requires having the tap to click function enabled which means that the slightest touch of the pad clicks an item even when you do not want to. My solution to this is to use a mini optical wireless USB mouse instead.

Other main criticism is the plethora of bloated software that Acer pre-install.

The 1024 x 600 screen has its limitations. The windows of some apps don't size down to 600 high or less, which can be a pain (common to most, if not all, netbooks).

Otherwise, I can't compare it with any other netbook, but it does the job for me.

  citadel 10:22 17 Nov 2010

they are all about the same, one with windows 7 starter is best.

  Ian in Northampton 11:02 17 Nov 2010

Surely, with just 1GB of memory, W7 - even the stripped down, non-Aero starter version - is unlikely to give the performance of XP? Like the OP, I'm in the market for a netbook, and one of my key criteria is that it's an XP system, not a W7 system. Currently, I'm tending to favour Samsung's offerings, which seem to do best on battery life.

  PA28 11:42 17 Nov 2010

I have the Samsung NC10 and it is superb. Battery life is also excellent but make sure that you get the full battery when buying - I thought I was saving money when Comet were offering the netbook at at lower price than anyone else. What I didn't realise (and they didn't tell me, though very close examination of the label would have) was that this came with a cut down battery which had only a 3 hour life. I had to buy a third party battery (which equated to about the same cost as I had saved on the Netbook!) to get a 9 hour life.

  woodchip 12:06 17 Nov 2010

I also Have the Samsung NC10 you can change setting to Use the Power as you like but if its set on the save mode you get up to about 8 or 9 hours life from battery. Mine as XP home on it mine came from Currys

  March Hare 12:17 17 Nov 2010

Another vote for Samsung here. Very happy with my N110,bought about a year ago from Currys for about £300 (might be cheaper now).

Fine for surfing and writing letters and emails (no gaming). Mine has XP.

  woodchip 12:25 17 Nov 2010

I payed about £239 as I got a £20 Cash back from Samsung and its a year old next month the 13th Just got a letter from Mastercare asking if I want a complete 4 year Warranty for £71

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