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  Pesala 20:57 15 Apr 2004

I am using Net Objects Fusion 4.0, so the latest PC Advisor Cover Disk version of Fusion MX looks ideal for me. I already downloaded the data sheet and read the hype, but how does MX differ from NOF 7.5 for example? At £3.50 one can hardly lose, but I don't want to spend a week importing my huge website click here into Fusion MX to find I should have been using something better.

Here are a few features I am looking for:

1. Full justification support. Only left, centre, and right justification supported in NOF 4.0 - I'm currently able to use it only by some fortuitious fluke that I don't know how to repeat.

2. Unicode support. I can paste Unicode characters from Wordpad into NOF 4.0 but it not ideal. For example, I want to be able to type Alter 257 to insert ā

3. Better graphic support would be nice: PNG and progressive JPG for example.

Will MX be good enough?

  Pesala 21:50 15 Apr 2004

Does use for a charity or not-for-profit religious association come under the heading of Business or Personal use?

  Sir Radfordin 23:08 15 Apr 2004

In answer to the second question, in the main not-for-profit organisations often get the same 'discount' as a personal user. However each EULA agreement will be different and you will need to check. An organisation is just that, it isn't an individual. 12:18 17 Apr 2004

before I upgraded. I designed a few sites with it. The best way, is to load it and try it. It's not costing anything.

  Taran 13:41 17 Apr 2004

Using the Alt/257 combination does not insert the overlined letter a character as per your example, at least in NOF 7 and 7.5 which are the only versions I keep installed on any of my systems. Both versions though, allow direct Alt/xxx character insertion as you type, but be advised that some web browsers incorrectly interpret the results sometimes.

Have you ever looked at the Character Map that is part of Windows Accessories ?

It's a quick and easy method of selecting and copying unusual characters into other applications.

Versions 7 & 7.5 of NOF both also feature full text justification, so perhaps someone with an MX setup will confirm whether you can do the same with it. I assume that you can since I've just run a search and found a site online that was created with NOF MX and in its source code is the <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY> tag that you need.

If I get the time early next week I might install MX on an old PC to check it.



  hooligan 16:44 17 Apr 2004

But there is alaign left, right, centre and the other one. Ive never used it but i just did to try it and looked at the code and it says

<P ALIGN=JUSTIFY> like taran says

i use mx

First question ive answered so i hope iam right!

  Taran 16:55 17 Apr 2004

I shan't have to install MX now to check it out for myself, so you've saved me a job.


  Pesala 19:08 17 Apr 2004

I don't think it will be a huge task to update my website for Fusion MX, not like it was upgrading from NOF 2.02 to NOF 4.0 when my site was full of frames. The program opened my site. I saved a backup copy so that I can revert to NOF 4.0 if I have to.

So far it is looking good, so I expect I shall stick with it. If I run into any problems I know where to get help.

As Taran says, it doesn't support insertion of a macron via Alt257, only ANSI characters. Windows Character Map in ME also doesn't support Unicode. Babel Map does, but clipboard paste doesn't work into NOF MX (nor Wordpad). The only way so far is to type in Wordpad with Alt xxx then copy and paste into NOF. A bit of a hassle that is unlikely to be resolved until most applications catch up with the Unicode standard.

For graphic support, MX supports the use of an external editor for JPG and GIF. I'm not sure how much use that is, though it might help a little with work-flow. PNG is supported, but apparently not for transparency, the only reason I would want to use PNG instead of JPG. It also supports PCX, which might occasionally be useful.

No doubt I will discover other useful features as I use the program, but it is not immediately very exciting. The interface is more user-friendly with some animated tutorials for new users.

  Pesala 21:02 17 Apr 2004

Is now easier than before. The program sensibly assumes that you wish to publish the currently selected page or the section with the current page as the parent. In NOF 4.0 I had to scroll through a complex tree to find the page or section I wished to publish.

Styles are a bit more complicated than before. I may have to resort to desparate measures - like reading the help file.

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