Net Objects Fusion 7, a few probs after importing

  grumpy-git 16:00 23 Jan 2005

I expect there might be a few problems for me to solve after importing a big site into NOF. The whole process took about 18 hours, as it is a large site. (Intel P4 3.4Ghz processor, so not the slowest of machines!!)

How do I "collapse" the site structure? Somehow it keeps expanding itself & showing all files. Collapsing it folder by folder is a long job - if all folders are shown I can tab down the page about 140 times before I get to the end folder.

Also, not all links are shown in the structure from some of the pages, so maybe some have "got lost" during the import process?

Probably lots of other questions to ask later, that is just for starters.


  Forum Editor 16:42 23 Jan 2005

you'll see an 'Outline' tab. Click to that view and you'll have a far better way of viewing the site. You cab collapse the directories right back to the 'Home' folder if you want to.

Breaking the odd link is the least of your worries I should think - this sounds like an absolutely huge site - 18 hours to import is astounding, and in all the years I've worked on web design I have never know even the largest site take anything remotely as long as that. What size is the site on disk as a matter of interest? When you upload to the server I should start it off and go to bed, or take a weekend break.

I'm sure you have the site backed up to a CD, but if you don't I suggest doing so immediately, before you do any more work in NOF.

By all means come back to this thread with future questions - don't start any more new threads.

  grumpy-git 17:03 23 Jan 2005

Thanks "ED",

My mistake, I meant to say collapse a site in "outline" view, I had worked out the "tab" option in structure, or clicking on the black triangle in "structure" view - as that looks likes it will be miles wide when viewed in full.

Changing between "structure" & "outline" takes 40 seconds approx. so nothing is fast using NOF.

Size I think is about 500gb, consisting of 20,000+ files in 640 folders, with over 6,000 thumbnail images that link to the corresponding larger images.

Yes, it is backed up, on dvd, external drives and second pc.

What I liked about the old Claris software was that I could make up pages quickly and then "preview" that everything would work properly within seconds. With NOF I think I can go & cook a meal, maybe slight exageration, but it takes ages.


  Forum Editor 17:18 23 Jan 2005

if you use the preview tab in page view, rather than the preview site button on the menu bar. Using that will make NOF generate a preview of the entire site, and that will certainly take ages with a site that size.

I think you meant that is is 500Mb by the way - 500Gb would seriously challenge most standard web servers.

Try to get settled in with NOF - it's far superior to the Claris software you used before, and when you get to know it really well you'll like it.

  grumpy-git 17:42 23 Jan 2005

Tried previewing a single page and that can take upto 80 or 90 seconds - I have tried a page with just one .jpg file on it, and another with 20 thumbnail .jpg files on it, and both took about a minute & a half to preview. Also the cpu usage is upto 50% for NOF whilst generating the preview.

Maybe it is slow because they are "converted" pages which were produced by Claris?

Got 1Gb of memory, so that shouldn't be a problem (and I don't mean 1Mb - joke)


  grumpy-git 22:52 23 Jan 2005

If I create a template page which includes a table with 20 rows, then decide to add it to the site but only need a table with 5 rows, is there a quick way to delete the 15 rows that are not needed?

I know they can be deleted one by one, but that is fiddly.

Perhaps I should create several templates, one with 20, one with 15, one with 10 & one with 5. At least one of those will be close to what I want.


  Forum Editor 23:23 23 Jan 2005

is excessive - I've just sampled four sites I created in NOF, one of them a pretty big site with a hundred pages. None of the previews took longer than 5 seconds to generate.

As far as the table are concerned, just double-click in one of the cells. Once you see the cursor flashing, click and drag to select the cells you want to lose and then press the delete key.

As I said, I think you need to spend some time playing with NOF to get the feel of it - experiment, and then come back with specific questions if you get stuck.

  grumpy-git 15:16 24 Jan 2005

My plan of action is to create a self contained set of pages for my next update to the site, then import them once I know they are "working". That way, I will only spend a small time working on the complete site.

Thanks for the tip on deleting, I will try that later!!

As for the number of pages, I tried creating a new page on the big site - it was numbered as page number 6659, so that is probably why everything is so slow. Good job I am not trying to run it on the old 1.2Ghz pc.


  grumpy-git 22:39 24 Jan 2005

I made up a set of pages, then imported them using the "structure" page. Next I had to make a few internal links from the new set of pages to the existing site, but finding those pages was difficult - the "find" facility seemed to fail with "not responding" after about 25 minutes, even though the cpu usage was showing at about 50% for NOF. Eventually I did find the page I was looking for, but by this time all 6,000+ pages were open in the "structure" view - not easy to handle.

With the existing software, all the folders & files showed up in a logical way, using windows explorer, and once uploaded via FTP appeared on my web space in exactly the same way, making it very easy for me to manage. Unfortunately NOF seems to bundle large numbers of files in a small number of folders, and with 20,000+ files it is very difficult to follow.

Unless there is something obvious I have missed, then I think it is pointless me experimenting further with NOF.

Any further tips or suggestions???


  grumpy-git 23:37 24 Jan 2005

After 25 minutes of watching the mem usage for fusion.exe creep up to over 269,000k and the cpu usage hovering around 50% the updating bar stopped moving at 95% (updating dependencies). I think it is going hang on me.

After a further 5 minutes no progress at all & the cooling fan is going like the clappers - it's going to get the chop soon.


  grumpy-git 16:35 25 Jan 2005

I take it there are no further suggestions on this...


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