Net Objects Fusion 7

  Pesala 21:59 02 Jun 2003

I just installed the trial version of this program. For a year I have been using version 2.02 to design my site.

First impressions were very good. Installation went smoothly, the installation program fetched the latest patches and applied them, and there were no glitches.

The interface was familiar, even though this is several versions later than I was used to. It would take me very little new learning time to start creating websites with the new version.

However, I then tried to open my old website. No go. Cannot open files from old version. Disappointed, I tried to import a single page. No go. Cannot import frames. Then I tried import website. This time all seemed to be fine and it started importing my 105 pages.

One and a half hours later it had finished. What a disappointment. It had made a complete pig's ear of it. Four pages for each page in the original site. Absolutely useless.

So I have uninstalled it. Great program, if you are starting out. Completely useless for me unless I want to start all over again.

So I shall be using version 2.02 for a lot longer yet, unless some other program can import my website without any serious problems.

  Forum Editor 23:14 02 Jun 2003

Version 7.0 will import files created by previous versions, but only back as far as version 4.0. Don't take that as gospel - I overheard it at a meeting and may have got it wrong.

I've just been importing your site with Adobe Golive 6.0 - Dreamweaver didn't want to know. I confess that I stopped the process before the end - that's one big site you have there! I imported about 26Mb, which was sufficient to show me that everything seemed to be in place, right down to the Pdf and zipped files.

So there you are - Adobe Golive 6.0

The only downside is that it will cost you about £400.

I'm sure there will be other applications that will do the job, but I'm a bit pushed for time just now.

  Pesala 00:12 03 Jun 2003

Adobe Golive is way beyond my budget, I would rather redo the whole site than pay that much, but thank you for testing it. The NOF file is only 13.5 Mbytes, but if Golive is importing the PDFs then that will bump it up a lot.

I emailed NOF to see what they had to say. Perhaps they will offer to convert my website source file to Version 7. $140 is bit more reasonable. Only $70 if they let me upgrade from version 2.02.

  Taran 02:36 03 Jun 2003

I'm not certain that this will work, so I could be completely barking (but at this ungodly hour of the A.M. I no longer care) but I've been pondering your problem and wondering about a round trip import.

Adobe GoLive does the job, as confirmed by Forum Editor. He has it, I have it and I imagine one or two others in the forums who are heavily involved in web design have it. My line of thinking is as follows; an Adobe GoLive import of your site from its location on its web server, followed by a local import into another editing program (Net Objects Fusion 7 for example) from the root folder on the victims hard disk.

I only suggest this because some time ago I had the devils own job pulling a new clients site offline for rework. It was a large site and had been created in an editing program I did not use and had no inclination to begin using. After much annoyance, colourful language and failed import attempts I round tripped it in just this way, starting with Adobe GoLive, although I have to admit that the final output was not to Net Objects Fusion in this case.

When you import a site the program you use to do so indexes all the files and folders using its own methods of tracking so that it can monitor changes and what have you. Once it has been indexed and successfully pulled offline, a local import from/to root folders on a hard disk are normally far less painful, or so I have found.

It's a possibility, no matter how unlikely it may sound, although until/unless I try it I obviously could not guarantee any results.

Food for thought perhaps ?

And as I have mentioned in one of your other threads, Net Objects Fusion 7 is a serious program. The full version is unbelievable in its capabilities, so don't necessarily discard it because it can't cope with an import. It's unclear at this point whether or not the import is failing due to program versions (2.02 to 7), the fact that you are using a trial and not the full product or the sheer size and/or structure of your site. There are lots of potential variables in there.

Regards (and good luck - you know where I am if you want me to try it)


  Pesala 02:53 03 Jun 2003

Perhaps to an earlier version of NOF, say version 4.0, can open my version 2 file. Then save as version 4.0 and import that into version 7. Who knows. Maybe NOF will have some ideas. Seeing you still working at this time, I thought you must be in Singapore or the US, but it seems you are just another insomniac.

I shall wait a while and see what else turns up. I am fairly happy with version 2.0 and not in a great hurry to spent even £50, let alone £150. I don't much like the colours in Sc1, but I guess they can be changed. Arachnophilia is very similar, but more complex. I took it out already; I don't think I shall every get into serious coding, so I can make do with Notepad.

  tbh72 12:46 03 Jun 2003

I use frontpage 2000 it has a feature to import a web / create web folders. It can do this from files & folders on a local machine.

Solution POSSIBLY!!!!

Open up you web browser & surf to the website in question "YOURS" and save the entire website to your HDD. HOPEFULLY NOF will have the create a web from existing files / folders. Hey presto NOF 7 has now got your website.

This is just a suggestion based on the features of FP2000, I'm not familiar with NOF but it will work if it has these features???

Hope this helps

  Pesala 12:55 03 Jun 2003

tbh72 please read the first post again.

The version I am using is too old, and version 7 doesn't open the source file. It will import html files or an entire website, but it makes a pig's ear of it.

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