Net Object Fusion 9 - Form submit button problem

  Ozdere 10:36 31 Mar 2006


I am a bit of a novice, and I am trying to create a submit form on my web-site I use netobjects fusion 9.

I have done everything as instructed, including installing the "SUBMIT BUTTON" but it says......
Submit creates a button that sends the site visitor’s responses to the script on the server.
I went to my web site acting as a client and filled in the form, my question is where does it go? as I am advised it goes to your server ( being United Hosting ), if this is correct how do I retrieve my messages/form information.

I did send a message to UH but they replied..........
Net objects should create a script on the server which then deals with the form. We cant advise where your submission is going as netobjects should be creating a script which deals with it, presumably to email it to an email address or write it to a database.

We cant assist with site scripting and development im afraid.....

Can anyone advise me please what I am missing?

Thanks 11:15 31 Mar 2006

enter the correct details in the 'Settings' box of your form creation in NOF?

  Ozdere 13:16 31 Mar 2006

Hi Barry

Thanks for your reply.
Cannot see a form settings menu, I have entered my boxes in what is called "Layout Region" where the submit form button is, the HELP guide says you have to create a Layout Region first and then enter the required text boxes which you can re-position as required. I looked at the properties but it does not have a menu for settings - so not sure where to look now?
Thanks 22:48 31 Mar 2006

there is a symbol of a page with a red outline. That is where you put your form settings.

  Ozdere 08:52 04 Apr 2006


Thanks for the reply Barry

I found the form settings page.
I also received a reply from NetObjects who said…….

1.In the Forms Handler dialog box, click the General tab.
2.Select the scripting language (ASP or PHP) from the drop-down box. Check with your Internet service provider to determine which option is appropriate for your hosting environment.
3.Enter the path to the directory where the files will be uploaded.
4.Enter the IP address of the server that will handle sending the e-mail pages. Consult your host provider or site administrator to obtain this information.
5.Click the Send e-mail check box and enter your email address to be notified when a visitor submits a form.

I then contacted my server provider United Hosting who replied with my IP address and that the Language is PHP.
Path is "is the same path given for my stored web pages" assuming the script is just in your main html folder and not a sub folder.- not sure what they mean by this?

I then went back to my Forms settings and proceeded as follows:-

SMTP = the IP address given by UH
FROM = I left untouched [email protected] not sure what to put here?
TO = I entered the e-mail address where I want the forms going to.
SUBJECT = I left untouched “ Form Input”
SUCCESS URL = I left untouched “the page in case of successful processing” – Not sure what to put here.
CSV FILE PATH = I entered the file path where my web pages are stored on UH server – not sure if this is the file path they need?
FILE UPLOAD FOLDER = I left untouched “server to store uploaded files” – not sure what to put here?

I would appreciate advice on how to progress further.
Thanks 13:14 04 Apr 2006

and simply put my own php script on the server, then just point to it with the 'Action' setting.

If your host supports php I would advise you to do the same.

  Ozdere 17:08 04 Apr 2006


Thanks, but I have'nt a clue what you mean by scripting, or how to do it.


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