Net Nanny 5 question

  Rhuddlan 12:50 21 Feb 2005

A friend of mine has just purchased net nanny 5 and has 5 user accounts on her comp and has configured the kids to have an hour a day on the comp and two at weekends. But the only trouble is as this was set up on her account and when the kids log into their windows account the current user is still logged into net nanny which is my friend. In order to change the user of net nanny u have to right click on the icon in the taskbar and select the user needed. Is their any other way of doing this, as this is no good, when the kids log into their accounts, they can still do what they want, my friend got this so they could stop puttig crap on the comp, also the net cannot be accessed on other accounts, she doesn't want them to not be able to access the net, anyone help on desprate friend of mine?

  Rhuddlan 10:10 23 Feb 2005

The computer seeems to be running much slower since the installation of net nanny. Also has anyone got a solution to my previous question, as user can change net nanny accounts by a few click of the mouse, the kids aren't stupid and no how this program works, there must be a safer way to switch users, and isn't there a password protected option for switching users? Any help would be greatfully recieved.

  bazza2 13:12 23 Feb 2005

This may, or may not, be of help.
(It was a long time ago, so some of the details may be wrong.)

I installed We-blocker on my sister's PC, to stop her children accessing 'indesirable' sites.
When her son wanted to access the web, he needed to right-click on the taskbar icon, and type his userid and password, which had been set-up with restricted access.
However, we noticed that if he did not log-on he was still able to access the web, but this time unrestricted.

Further investigations of the We-blocker options revealed a tickbox which prevented 'guest' logon.
Meaning only those users that entered a valid We-blocker id and password would actually be able to access the web.

I ticked this box, and it all seemed to work OK.
If he used his pre-defined ID and password he was able to access the web, with the pre=defined restrictions.
If he tried to bypass this by simply selecting the IE icon, he got a window stating that guest access was not allowed.

By the way, ensure that the Net Nanny 'master' user is the only one that is able to change the options, and that it is password protected, to prevent the children from making their own changes to the Net Nanny access privileges.

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