net-lynx-WU61RL wireless dongle drivers help pleas

  bof:) 20:58 01 Feb 2009

Hi all, the other day, I helped my brother set up his Virgin wireless broadband. Everything went fine and his PC was quickly connected to the net.

Today I had a phone call from him saying he can no longer connect to the net. The only thing he can think of is that his son plugged his iPOD in last night just before they lost the net connection.


Today, when he has tried to use the 'repair' option for BB connection it says it 'cannot repair TCP\IP is not able to proceed'

I got him to check in the 'services' and 'TCP\IP NET BIOS is set to 'Started /Automatic / Local Service.

'Network Connections', has 3 icons showing which are:

-Local Area Connection....unplugged,

-1394 connection....... connected,

- Wireless connection (with a red cross next to it). Showing as unconnected.

If he right clicked this icon and it then chooses 'repair' he gets back to the message that,

'Windows cannot repair TCP\IP is not able to proceed'.


The Wireless router is a Netgear WGR614.

The wireless dongle is a 'net-lynx WU61RL'.

when I first set up the wireless connection I'm not sure if the dongle came with a cd containing the driver for it?

If it did neither my brother or myself can remember using it.

If we did not use a cd and just plugged the dongle into the PC, should XP detect it and install it for what it is... a wireless dongle?

So, as we are going round in circles I thought I'd ask if anyone knows where I can get the driver for the wireless dongle, or if indeed we should need one.


I have tried resetting the wireless router and installing everything from fresh. The Virgin installer gets as far as 'if you are using a wireless dongle plug it in now.... it may take some time to detect it....please be patient'.

We plug the dongle in, then wait until we get a message saying...'cannot find dongle'.

so where do we go from here????

Please help,


  brundle 21:08 01 Feb 2009

'TCP\IP NET BIOS" service is for networking computers, it has no effect on TCP/IP when used for internet access.

Open a command prompt, type


TCP/IP is working if the last couple of lines match this;

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss)

Forget the connection to the router for now. When the dongle is plugged in, can you access the properties for it in Network Connections? Does the computer recognise it as a USB device?

  brundle 21:09 01 Feb 2009

If the dongle was removed in order for the IPod to be connected, was the dongle put back in the same USB slot? It sounds trivial but it can cause problems.

  bof:) 21:31 01 Feb 2009

Hi brundle, ping got back exactly as you wrote above.

The dongle was 'not' put back in the same one it was removed from to use the iPOD player.

The dongle now been put back into the correct USB port and is flashing.

If my Brother now hovers over the 2 monitors (icon) on the taskbar, he get the message 'Wireless Network Connection 16 not connected right click here for more options...'

right clicking gives you....

1. change windows firewall
2. open network connections
3. repair
4. view available windows network

( found new hardware message does not appear)

Does this help?


  bof:) 21:33 01 Feb 2009

My brother asks Wireless network connections.... internet connections,,,sharing should there be a tick in this? (there isn't at the moment)

  brundle 21:48 01 Feb 2009

Choose "view available windows networks".

This is XP right?

No tick in Sharing.

If there's a way to disable all the software that came with the dongle and just use Windows built-in wireless management, do so - it's better than any of the third-party software.

  bof:) 21:56 01 Feb 2009

not sure if any software came with the dongle. As mentioned earlier when I 1st set this up for him I cannot remember if a 3rd-party cd was used.

it is XP

no tick in sharing....ok

how do we run Windows own wireless management option?

How do we get back to 'view available windows networks'? the monitor icons in taskbar have now vanished?

  brundle 22:02 01 Feb 2009

"not sure if any software came with the dongle. As mentioned earlier when I 1st set this up for him I cannot remember if a 3rd-party cd was used."

If you're not using software provided by the manufacturer to manage the wireless settings/networks, you must be using the Windows built-in one.

Go to Control Panel/Network Connections, double click the Wireless Connection to get access to the network settings.

  bof:) 22:30 01 Feb 2009

'windows cannot configure this wireless connection',

is the message my brother gets when he left clicks the Wireless Connection icon'.

there is also a message saying,..'if you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection use that software. If you want Windows to configure this wireless connection start the wireless zero configeration (WZC) service.

For information about starting the WZC, see article A71122 in the Microsoft knowledge base.

This has been done and instructions followed and my brother gets the message...'choose a wireless network.'

He has chosen the one he had before and its asking for 'a network key wep key or wpa key'

I no do not remeber being asked to set one of these up in the 1st place.


  MAJ 22:37 01 Feb 2009

"I no do not remeber being asked to set one of these up in the 1st place."

If you didn't set one up, then the WEP or WPA key will be printed somewhere on your router, or you should find it in the router's configuration page.

  brundle 22:39 01 Feb 2009

Yes, that message appears when third-party software is used to manage the wireless networking.

So, now that Window is managing things itself you can move on to the final problem.

If the router was supplied by Virgin I would be /very/ surprised if it had no WEP or WPA encryption enabled. If security of this kind was not enabled, Windows wouldn't ask you for a password.
Consult the documentation that came with the kit for the encryption key.

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