net gear DG834GT

  LivEviL 18:42 27 Oct 2005

iv just brought a netgear DG834GT router/modem! i need help setting it up! i havent got a installation CD! is there a wizard to do it? iv tried using the ip address thing but it doesnt work :-S and also have tried the network wizard in control panel! it tells me i havent got a net work cable plugged in! but i have!i need help!

  retep888 18:46 27 Oct 2005

You don't need the CD for installation.

Give us more information of all your equipments please.

  LivEviL 18:49 27 Oct 2005

its a net gear BG834GT wireless router/modem its going on xp home edition i have a amd sempron prossor! and im also going to connect wirelessly with my comp upstairs wich has a wireless pci in it! what other info do u need?

  LivEviL 18:58 27 Oct 2005


  LivEviL 19:08 27 Oct 2005

can some1 help?

  retep888 19:13 27 Oct 2005

I assume you've an activated ADSL line, and all your cabling is setup correctly.

1. Open your browser,never mind the page is not found,type in the address bar.

2. In the netgear web page, under the basic settings:

Is your internet connection requires a log in?....yes


Login...........................YOUR USERNAME


Idle timeout.....................0 (default)

Do this and post back.

  LivEviL 19:17 27 Oct 2005

it doesnt work! i just get a page does not appear!

i think that mayb my lan card isnt workin as it doesnt have the '1' lit up! am i right?

  retep888 19:18 27 Oct 2005

If you're configuring your router on this line,you'll lose connection until everything is sorted out.

Are you posting with your usb modem, remember you'll have to uninstall the software or go to control panel and disable the modem otherwise the default connection is your modem.

  LivEviL 19:20 27 Oct 2005

ok i do have a usb modem so i shall give it ago!

  retep888 19:28 27 Oct 2005

How do you physically connect up the router and your pc, remember you won't stay online until all is well, and you'll have to click apply to refresh the router's web page to save it.

  LivEviL 19:28 27 Oct 2005

ok one i was using the wrong cable and wrong connection that could be y i wasnt having some success! BUT still i cant get to that i asume that connection goes to ur router and its sum built-in installation yeah?

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