.NET framework/Microsoft visual C++

  hiwatt 10:14 15 Jun 2011

Morning folks!I've got 11 updates for XP this morning.2 are for.NET Framework and 2 are for microsoft visual C++?Are these updates needed?I usually install all the updates that are given but I'm not sure if I really need them or what they're really for?Should I install them?Do other people on here install them?Thanks.

  johndrew 10:29 15 Jun 2011

You are likely to have both on your PC or the updates wouldn't show. Additionally other services you probably use are supported by these. They are a bit large but will provide additional security.

  muddypaws 11:44 15 Jun 2011

hiwatt Let me know how you get on with the .NET one. because it wont install on my XP2 SP3. See my post. link text

  johndrew 10:00 16 Jun 2011

It is far from unusual for the .NET software to become corrupt. There are a number of ways around this but often a complete removal is the only solution. For my experience link text and others link text.

One way I have found to repair the SP1 update is to go into Add/Remove find the .NET Framework list there and click on the 'Change' button; you should get the option to remove or repair, choose 'Repair' and hopefully it will resolve the problem.

  James Hull 08:12 17 Jun 2011

.NET and C++ run time library updates are not mandatory - however most applications for Windows will utilise one or both (or more) of these API's. Without them they will not run - in fact they will normally prompt you to install them.

  hiwatt 09:19 17 Jun 2011

@muddypaws,just to let you know that the .NET updates and the rest installed fine first time on XP SP3.Thanks folks.

  provider 2 12:49 17 Jun 2011

Regarding Ms Visual C++, I don`t know much about it except that it seems to affect the opening of additional windows on a web page.

Without it, I kept getting 'side-by-side' errors in Event Viewer when a second window failed to open.

Installing Visual C++ seemed to cure the problem anyway. (XP Sp3).

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