(net) dns caching stop/start

  eric_bloodaxe 21:31 07 Apr 2009

having recently been delivered from the clutches of downadup by symantec's free tool i now find my girlfriends puter may be infected. It shows symptoms of not being able to reach any security sites including microsoft.thus i sent her the tool in an e amil which caused her puter to lock up solid when she tried to run the file. PC tools website suggested it was possible to access their updates service by disabling dns caching ( stop net dnscache) which worked but when i left it off i could not get my aol dialbb based internet service to work until i re booted my puter; which presubly restarted the service. all i have just read suggests local caching is a bad thing and should be turned off so why does doing this stop my internet connection from working? From this is there any way to give my girlfriends puter access to symantec's website so she can download the removal tool?

  brundle 22:15 07 Apr 2009

You seem to be talking about two computers.

Use a working PC to download the following;
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware; click here
Definitions; click here
Detection list for reference; click here

SuperAntispyware; click here
Definitions; click here

Burn to CD, or put on a flash drive.

On the problem PC - start in safe mode or using Last Known Good Configuration if it won't boot at all; click here . Disconnect your machine from the internet.

Run the antispyware installer(s) but choose not run the actual program immediately. Run the definitions file to update the definitions. Then run full scans.

If the software refuses to install or run, rename the installer to (some spyware detects the default name and blocks the product).

  Zion_Lion 22:32 07 Apr 2009

Hi there my friend... first of all go to this website click here and download their Malwarebyte'Anti-Malware software and install it on said computer and do a full scan and get rid of any baddies it finds. I have found this program to be a bit more powerful than most of the free stuff out there.
As far as your DNS resolver cache goes, all you need to do is clear it... go to star\run and type cmd and press OK. At the command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter, when the command has run close the window. A silly question but have you any anti-virus installed on said computer?
Let us know how you get on

  eric_bloodaxe 23:31 07 Apr 2009

ok first thanks for the help I am sure we have a way 4ward here. One question is is net cache and local cache different? second when i stopped net dnscache at the cmd prompt i managed to download PC Tool's update file which had previously been blocked, but when i tried to get on the net with my isp software (AOL) it stopped before a connection and didn't even throw up an error. I had to re boot the machine b4 it would connect. so do updaters and isp software use DNS services differently because i hoped shutting down caching would stop blocking of security product websites which is a characteristic of Conficker.When i sent the free tool from symantec by e mail to sharon's puter she downloaded it but when she ran it it crashed the machine and required a re boot to get anything working again( hotmail didn't want 2 allow it to go but i conned it by changing the file extension and had her correct it when she had got the file.maybe this caused a problem with the file?) . As 4 anti virus software to b honest i don't know what she has , nor does she!!! a friend of hers set something up but she doesn't really understand what is going on, and i am unavoidably a long way off at present.Basically she can't reach any security tool website and i can't take a disc 2 her at present.sorry 2 b so long winded but it isall a bit complicated.

  brundle 23:55 07 Apr 2009

AOL uses its own method for getting DNS addresses if you use the AOL browser.

Have her disable the dnscache the way you describe, then flush the cache as mentioned above. Then instruct her to change her computer's DNS server addresses to those of OpenDNS, that might allow her to access the sites she needs to download things to solve the issue.

If she can't access the Microsoft Live OneCare scanner using the site name, tell her to type

click here

directly into her browser address bar.

Microsoft's blurb on conficker;
click here

OpenDNS instructions; click here

Live Onecare scanner using IP address (bypassing DNS); click here

  brundle 23:58 07 Apr 2009

Sorry, the forum turned that Onecare scanner link into a Click here

Here it is again, remove the dashes for entry into the browser;


  eric_bloodaxe 07:24 08 Apr 2009

I will do as u suggest and many thanks for all the help.

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