net bookor tablet fro 9 year old

  nichola8676 16:11 17 Oct 2011

I have a 9 year old daughter who wants a net book for xmas as well a many other things I have a budget of up to 200 pounds maximum but I dont know whether to buy her a netbook or a tablet she wants to surf the net facebook etc and also play online games such as friv and moshi monsters what should I do

  chub_tor 16:51 17 Oct 2011

Here is a guide to tablets under £300 some may be £200 by now but I'm not sure that I would recommend one for a 9 year old, I would have thought that they may be a bit fragile. Netbooks are heavier and more sturdy but they nearly all come with limited RAM and Windows 7 Starter Edition - not the friendliest of interfaces. But here is a selection from Revoo

  Peter 09:03 18 Oct 2011


Dabs have got several Acer 10.1" netbooks on offer at around the £200 mark.

Acer Netbooks on offer at Dabs


  mobing 09:44 18 Oct 2011

why not you go to ebay to compare it ,i think more choices there !

  wee eddie 19:23 18 Oct 2011

Unless you have a very serious minded 9yo, I get them a Tablet.

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