Nervous of CCleaner

  Rockarch 11:07 13 May 2007

I'm trying to do some cleanup & maintenance on a 5 year old pc running XP Pro. I've downloaded CCleaner and run the 'analyse' & 'Scan for issues' buttons which throw up huge numbers of files & issues which make me nervous about deleting them all.

Any suggestions about priorities or which removals are absolutely safe?

  Charn_wood 11:12 13 May 2007

Hi, just run ccleaner without any extras, it will not hurt!! Honest. Nothing like the dentist :-)

  iscanut 11:14 13 May 2007

I have never had problems when deleting items thrown up by Ccleaner. You can always create a Restore point before cleaning. I know that many of the forum members use Ccleaner and trust it.

  johnnyrocker 11:14 13 May 2007

set a system restore point and delete all, dont forget all passwords will be erased aalso.


  iscanut 11:16 13 May 2007

PS..You can always leave the Advanced item boxes unticked, but the others are OK to clear.

  Hawy 11:16 13 May 2007

In "Issues" you are given the option to backup any deletions, so you can always go back.

  Hawy 11:17 13 May 2007

Must learn to type faster :o)

  Stuartli 11:17 13 May 2007

I use the Scan for Issues section of CCCleaner after installing or uninstalling any software.

It cleans up missing DLLs, incorrect entries etc and I've never experienced any problems afterwards.

Don't forget you have the option to make a Backup BEFORE using Fix Issues...:-)

  Rockarch 11:20 13 May 2007

When I looked back at some previous posts some folk were saying they found ccleaner too aggressive & that was what I was worried about.
Do I need to back up the registry as well ?

  MaxUpload 11:21 13 May 2007

Agreed - "Just Do It"

Nuts has a good point about leaving "Advanced" unticked.

johnnyrocker speaks about passwords etc being erased but cookies that remember passwords etc for your favourite websites can be maintained if you go to the Options/Cookies tab and move the cookies you want to keep across to the right hand pane.

  Rockarch 11:24 13 May 2007

OK have created a system restore point & will give it a go on the cleaner settings though it's only going to free 48MB which doesn't seem much!

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