NeroVision Express help please

  Devious Dave 22:38 13 Sep 2004

Hi, I am trying to convert an Avi file and put it onto DVD. I have created the menus and chapters etc and the whole thing comes to 4.19GB. I select burn to recorder (DVD recorder) and it starts “transcoding". After 5 and a half hours a windows XP balloon pops up saying "warning low disk space" and nero says "burn process failed". Nero's error report says "cause: 58 (disk_full)" I had 13.8GB of free space before starting the transcoding and the project is only 4.19gb so why it eating through my hard disk? I assumed the transcoding was just creating temp file ready to burn onto the DVD-R disc.

I am really loosing my temper with this as I have tried three 3 times to make this film and that’s 15 hours wasted!!!

Why the hell doesn't Nero say that its going to eat your hard drive before it starts, instead of creating an error report 5 hours later!!!!!!!!!

Any advice would be appreciated..

  Devious Dave 00:03 14 Sep 2004

Anyone ?

  BT 09:26 15 Sep 2004

Nerovision does use up lots of space when transcoding and crashes are not uncommon. The best option is to use an empty partition on your drive or install a separate drive for Video use to keep it all away from your C Drive. I have a 40gb partition which is kept solely for video use.

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