KCR 13:33 20 May 2003

I have the recent Nero and Nerovision and want to create DVDs from AVIs. I have purchased the MPEG-2 DVD and SVCD plug from the Nero website and have tried to encode MPEGs through Nerovision. This appears to work except that at the end of the encoding I am told that Nero has encountered an error and must close (very frustrating after 4 hours of encoding!).
Anyone tell me what's up ?

I also have tried to use TMpegEnc but without success (no audio even though I set the input audio file as well as the video file).

Any help gratefully received,

  crx1600 14:01 20 May 2003

KCR, which OS are you using, and have you updated to the latest versions from nero.

nero keeps a log of errors, perhaps you could give more info on the particular error you get.

i dual boot winME/XP, and find i do suffer a lot errors in winME, and now only use the program in XP.

ive had errors after 10 hours of encoding DVD's, so i know how annoying it is :o(

  KCR 14:38 20 May 2003

Yes, it's very annoying. So far it has happened with all AVIS I have tried it with. All the screen says is that an error has been encountered and the program has to close. No further details (does it generate a log ?).

Any help would be much appreciated. Could it be the AVIs?



  crx1600 14:52 20 May 2003

it could be the AVI's,ive haad some that just simply refused to encode, and others that do encode but dont produce a picture.

do you have the necessary codecs installed,(divX/Xvid) so that they play in WMP, and did you 'preview' them in nerovision before starting the encode/burn,(although that isnt a guarantee they will encode).

yes, i beleive nero does keep a log, i think it asks you if you want to save it, when the error occurs, or maybe you have to enable it.or maybe thats in nero itself and not nero vision.its been a while since ive done anything in nero/nero vision.

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