Nero's InCD is it a problem?

  Bapou 11:07 15 Apr 2003

My OS is Windows XP Home, I have Nero's InCD installed.

A more experienced user has advised me to remove InCD as it causes conflict with other progams. However when I posed the question, what with, why? the answer was, to me, somewhat vague, " invariably if a problem occurs InCd is the culprit."

Would anyone care to expand on this for me please?

  Lú-tzé 11:21 15 Apr 2003

The only problem I have encountered with InCD occurs when if is necessary to change the physical CD-RW drive - then InCD will not run. To get around this, uninstall In-CD, install the new driver and then re-install In-CD.

I find it very useful for writing bits and pieces to CD-RW - as its blurb goes, it will make a CD-RW like a large floppy.

More problems will arise from the use of CD-RW than from In-CD due to their unreliability. If you have an important file, burn it to a cd-r - nero will allow multisession cd-r burning and the disks are pretty cheap nowadays.

  Ben Avery 11:31 15 Apr 2003

If you can get hold of them, Strand Europe do 25 CDR's in jewel cases for £9.99 (plus free CDR's pen at the mo :o) as an extra) which works out at 40p each. The jewel cases can cost that from some places! Also the CDR's are totally plain silver - no writing on them so are good for writing on without needing to buy cd labels if you have an arty side (which I haven't!)

They are available from outlets of Poundstretcher if you have one locally.


  Ben Avery 11:32 15 Apr 2003

I've written to these CDR's at 52x too! No problems as yet.


  Confab 12:19 15 Apr 2003

Used InCD for a number of years now and find it very easy to use and very good. There are constant uopdates on Aheads website and there is a lot of support as well. Only problem I've had with it is when writing to CDRW when surfing the net and playing music (Not a good idea) then the CD is prone to unrecoverable errors.

  Bapou 12:57 15 Apr 2003

Thank you all for rsponding. Personally I'm quite happy using CDRW with InCD, it was when I mentioned an unrelated problem with Movie Maker2 that I was given the advice to remove InCD.In Movie Maker,I kept losing one or two transitions and had to go back and restore to complete the 'film'. The idea of InCD being the culprit never entered my head, more likely me than anything else.

  The Sack 13:22 15 Apr 2003

For InCD to work correctly under XP right click on your drive in my computer and select its properties, pick recording and uncheck "enable CD recording on this drive". It might seem a bit of a loony thing to do by all you are doing is turning off XP's built in drag and drop burning software (developed by adaptec) this will make sure you have even less chance of any conflicts.

Ben Avery:

25 CD-R for a tenner? click here and click here

  Bapou 17:37 15 Apr 2003

Worth following that one, thanks, I've just been reading similar advice in ComputerActive on someone's problem with InCd.

  charpis 20:32 15 Apr 2003

My HD is partitioned in 4 so my CDRW is letter G:.
I am running windows98SE and frequently when im using InCD the G: will show twice in Explorer.Has
anyone any solution please?

  Lú-tzé 21:35 15 Apr 2003

charpis - best for you to post a new query - click on the link near the top of the page.

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