nero?cheapest deal?

  moby58 00:17 05 Apr 2007

due to an avi problem i need to upgrade my "nero".ive got nero 7 start smart which came loaded on the computer already [plus a disc which i havent used/no serial number]ive been told to upgrade to nero -is this nero reloaded?its going to cost £30.59 thru the nero website for nero this what i should pay,or are there alternatives?nero buffs help with info please!

  Snec 01:51 05 Apr 2007

Hi moby58, if you are having problems with Nero or having to spend more money I suggest you try CDBurnerxp PRO. It's free and although I have Nero I tend to use CDBurnerxp PRO most of the time. BTW, don't let the name fool you, it does burn DVDs as well as CDs.

click here

  MAJ 07:22 05 Apr 2007

What avi problem are you having, moby58? I suspect it might be that you're missing the MPEG-4 codec. Download the K-lite Codec pack click here see if that cures your avi burning problems.

  moby58 09:38 05 Apr 2007

avi problem media player wont play "avis",only the audio part!i also get an error msg "com surrogate has stopped working"...on further investigation ive been advised i need to upgrade nero to sort it.other suggestions are a bit too advanced for me to tinker with...all to do with windows vista!so i just wanted to double check the price of nero wasnt flexible!

  Stuartli 09:41 05 Apr 2007

As it's an OEM version, you should be able to update your current version of Nero7 merely by visiting click here and downloading the update.

  moby58 09:45 05 Apr 2007

ive got a link on my desk top [that came with pc]"nero online upgrade" i assumed that i would have to use that?[costing £30.59]didnt think it would be free!shall try that link thanks..whats the difference on the installed upgrade link?just tryin to make more money?

  Stuartli 10:44 05 Apr 2007

My original OEM copy of Nero (Version5) which came with a TDK CD-RW drive was freely updated via the Nero website as and when necessary.

The same applied to Nero5.5 and now Nero6.

You can only update a current version of Nero. If you move up a version (i.e. Nero6 to Nero7) then you have to initially pay for the software (unless it comes with a rewriter).

An example of free updating, for instance, is to buy a low cost copy of Nero from BigPockets, SVC or similar outlet and update it via the website up to the latest version of that series.

  Stuartli 10:45 05 Apr 2007

You install it over the current version on your system.

  moby58 11:06 05 Apr 2007

thanks very much for all that info...invaluable! downloading it now.

  Dipso 16:05 05 Apr 2007

I downloaded a Nero 7 update last was 245 Meg or so. Good job my allowance has increased!

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