Nero wont Burn

  Doyakkon 22:54 27 Apr 2005

it goes thru the encoding , but about 1/2 -3/4 from finishing [b4 the burn starts]it gives me an error message ""ROR There was a problem with the mpeg encoder"" it seems to work if the file is already and mpeg, itl burn it. but it wont convert avi's. ive tried un/reinstalling 4 times, ive changed the CDwriter, but it gives me the same mesage. any ideas? my comps burstin at the seams, i really need to get this stuff off my comp an on discs.

thanx in advance


  User-312386 23:15 27 Apr 2005

a bit confused here

are you trying just to burn them to a CD? Or are you trying to make them playable on a VCD?

  jimv7 23:28 27 Apr 2005

Also, which version of nero are you using and what is the operating system.

  Doyakkon 23:33 27 Apr 2005

i am trying to burn them from my hard drive to a cdr. I would definatly like them to be playable on my PC but if poss also on my standalone dvd [but this is not essential]as long as on my pc.

I am using Nero 6 Ultra Ed

WinXP Pro-SP1

512 RAM

  bluesbrother 23:42 27 Apr 2005

Nero will not convert AVI files. Try using VSO DivxToDVD to convert your AVI's first.
click here

  jimv7 23:43 27 Apr 2005

click here

for the latest nero updates version

vision express 3 version

  Doyakkon 23:50 27 Apr 2005

bluesbrother, It has Always converted and burnt these files b4 ???? I already have vso divx to dvd, but i dont want to make it a dvd file, Its a CDR which SHOULD be mpeg.

jimv7 do i save the update files to the same nero main folder ?

  Doyakkon 23:52 27 Apr 2005

sorry i forgot to say thanx to you both

  Doyakkon 01:28 28 Apr 2005


  jimv7 09:45 28 Apr 2005

Save the files to the desktop, then double left click on them to start the installation, choose the update options.

  Doyakkon 00:29 29 Apr 2005

thanx.... havnt tried it yet il let you know the outcome.

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