Nero will not recognise my CDRW

  badgermansix 22:18 18 Jun 2004

Why will my Nero 5.5 not recognise my CDR/W drive
even though it will read the drive on the Nero CD Speed window?
Could in be in conflict with the XP Burner and if so how can I disable the XP burner?


  woodchip 22:23 18 Jun 2004

You have got old NERO and a newer CDRW. So NERO is not supporting your burner. You may be able to download a patch from the Ahead site

  jimv7 22:23 18 Jun 2004

Your copy of nero is propably an oem version locked to the original drive, download the new nero demo and try that.

  woodchip 22:25 18 Jun 2004
  badgermansix 07:37 19 Jun 2004

Thanks for the response, the dvd/rw is NEC DVD RW 2500A, on the Nero site, (thanks woodchip) it does seem to be compatable.
The PC (a new machine)came with Nero six, as we could not get it to run pick up the burner, we have tried Nero 5.
Yhe interesting thing?? is that niether CD drives will run automatically despite the setting appearing to be o.k.
They both run o.k. if we do things manually, i.e. -my computer-d drive(or e drive)-open-play..or PSP7-open-d drive(or e drive)-browse. etc. etc.

  badgermansix 05:54 20 Jun 2004

Well, thatseems to be sorted, it is a OEM version, we uninstalled it, re-installed it and it now seems to be o.k.
I don't know what we did, but thanks.
As for autorun, thats another matter at the moment.

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